The Jump …

Last week I turned in my notice. Yes, my 2 weeks notice, to my current employer that I’ve only been at for exactly 5 months and 2 days. I officially became a millennial.

Thank you.

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I didn’t come to this decision lightly, I wanted to help do much more with the organization, but I realized those dreams wouldn’t come true. So, I decided to jump.

People get a lot of slack for making the decision to leave a company. We are told to stick it out, change doesn’t happen over night, this is an opportunity you’ll ruin. But how is that helping me?

We give most of our time to organizations and because we decide they aren’t giving enough back to us, we are in the wrong. We are expected to sacrifice our mental health, our opportunities for growth, for a better paycheck, just to please a company.


If your organization doesn’t take the time to listen to the wants and needs of the people who keep the company going, you’ll never truly succeed. Yes, you might find some people who can warm seats for a few months, even years, but if you’re not going to make changes that are thought to be meaningful, you’re doing it just to make yourself look good.

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Your time matters, too. Spending it all in one place hoping things will get better can work out for some people. Just make sure you’re not giving everything to something you know won’t give it back. 

Thankfully, I was able to make this decision and have another opportunity open and ready to receive me, my thoughts, talents, ideas, and my growth.


Even though I’m leaving an organization after 5 months, I’m still able to take away lessons for my future. I was able to learn new functions of HR and Recruitment. Able to learn more about the type of managers I work best with and without. Saw the inside workings of a major field in the Huntsville area. I met some great people, who I hope are able to continue flourishing.

I just know it’s not where I need to be. And that is okay.

The Jump happens.

The Jump can have you landing somewhere even better.

The Jump can motivate you again.

It’s okay to Jump … don’t let someone else (or a generational stigma) stop you from getting exactly what is yours.

The people stopping you might be too scared to take their own leap …

Girl in Blue Sweatshirt and Pink Skit in Jumpshot Photo
Godisable Jacob- Photography


Until next time …

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7 thoughts on “The Jump …

  1. I love this, & completely respect your choice to jump. I did the same in my last company, only made it about 7 months. It wasn’t a values match & it was going to end up setting me back. I landed in a much better company & role, too. I’m happy for you & appreciate that you shared this perspective!

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    1. We have to stop treating people like it’s the end of the world in the workforce when someone makes the decision to leave. I’m happy your jump worked out for you and hope I can say the same! Thanks, Sam😊

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  2. I completely understand and have done the same thing, sometimes it’s not a fit and it’s alright. Good for you. and Glad you know what you don’t want. We are all trying to figure it out but the important thing to keep in mind is too listen to your inner voice and no one else’s voice. Good luck in your journey, you are and will inspire others to have the courage to listen to their inner voice and act on it. By the way, I’m in recruitment too, I understand. 🙂

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  3. I’m not a millenial (solidly in the middle of Gen X) but 13 years ago I did the same and resigned after 5 months from my first Executive role. I didn’t have another job lined up at the time, but the market was very different before the 2008 crisis and I quickly found a new opportunity which turned out to be the most exciting of my career.
    Like you, I hesitated before leaving, wondering whether I should try to “stick it out” because 5 months was “too short”, or if I should just cut it out and be honest with headhunters and tell them I’d made a mistake and wasn’t the right culture fit for that organisation.
    A previous experience of having to work in a toxic environment had taught me that being miserable at work only makes us ….well, miserable, and also less performing. So unless you have no savings and no backup/new job and no family that might be able to take you back in until you bounce back, I say : “Don’t stay. You have only one life”.
    Glad you made it to a better place Jazmine !


    1. Thank you for your comment, Sandrine! Leaving without a backup plan has ALWAYS scared me! I’m happy it all worked out for you and you had the courage to realize you didn’t need to be there.


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