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Does your resume needs an update, but you aren’t able to pay a huge fee as a college student or young professional looking to land your first position?

I am now offering a Resume Review Service from my blog. I’ve had the great honor of reviewing resumes over the past few months, and I’ve realized this is a great need for college students.

I’ll review your resume and provide you with recommendations for a small fee of $20. My blog targets a lot of Young Professionals and Students, it’s a small price to pay for a professional review. Please understand this is a review, I will provide you with recommendations for changes, but I won’t actually make the changes for you.

Interested? Here are the easy 3 steps to make your resume review happen!

1. Send me an email at

– I will need a copy of your current resume and the job you’re looking to apply for, this will help me with tailoring your resume to the job

2. Provide the time frame

– I will need to know the turn around time you’re expecting, and I’ll let you know if I can accommodate.

3. Pay through my HRJazzy2017 PayPal account

– Once I receive your resume and agree to the review time frame, I will send you an invoice for the service. Payment must be made for me to return the reviewed resume.

Reviews from current customers:

Alfred Russell – HR Student, Senior at Troy University – Applying for Internship

 “I am grateful for Jazmine looking over my resume as an HR professional. She really did a great job on giving me tips and recommendations on how to fix it and make it stand out to my future employer. I recommend if you’re an HR major, having her look at your resume and allow her to help make your resume as great as possible. She is quick, efficient, and someone who really cares and wants to help upcoming HR Professionals.”

Dee H. – Company Owner – Resume Update

“Super fast turnaround! I hadn’t updated my resume format in years and it showed. Jaz quickly edited my resume to focus on my strengths and recent work history. Great Services!”

Confidential – General Manager Applying for HR Position – Resume Update

“I was very nervous about applying for this HR position, I sent my resume to Jaz and she not only fixed the format but also helped me understand what HR Professionals and Recruiters are looking for when reviewing resumes. As someone who is looking to enter into the HR world, I knew Jaz would be the perfect person to help me on this adventure”