#HRBook Review Spot – 90 Day Challenge

HR Books! 

A corner of the blog that will be dedicated to (hopefully) a monthly review of different books. I believe this will be my new favorite part of the blog! As a professional in HR there so many books that need to be read to help us understand our profession. As a young professional, I can’t stress how important it is to read the books and blogs to stay up to date and learn from the experiences of others.

Use Your Job – A 90 Day Challenge

By: Joan Elmore

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             Are you looking to make a career or life change? You should check out this book by Joan. I think this book was interesting to me because it gave me a list to follow for each day. While it did take me more than the 90 days to get done, being able to come back and know where I stopped or what my next action should be was extremely helpful.

This book was all about helping you become your best self. It provides you with a daily checklist of activities to complete and gives daily tips on things like communication tactics, email etiquette, self motivation, and more. I’m not a morning person so getting up a tad bit earlier to create a morning routine was a bit difficult, lol.

The 90 Day Challenge gives newbies a good test drive at the basics of communicating in the workplace. While breaking down and explaining the activities it ask for you to complete.

This isn’t a traditional “HR” Book, but I think it could be beneficial for us to read especially when we’re having a rough patch. It gives you reasons to look at situations in a different light from your normal. It ask you to be kinder to yourself and the things you’re experiencing. Learning to be kinder to yourself can improve the way you treat others, including your customers and employees.

I also love this book because you can write your notes in it, which is huge for me when making list.  It’s the very beginning of the year and month. It’s a great time to start something fresh to help you if the journey has taken a little longer than you thought. Everyday is a great day to give yourself another chance to learn something powerful.

You can purchase the book on Amazon: Use Your Job or on the Elmore Group, Inc. website.

If you do, let me know how you keep up with the challenge and what changes you see once it’s all done! Also, don’t forget to connect with Joan online!