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HR Books! 

A corner of the blog that will be dedicated to (hopefully) a monthly review of different books. I believe this will be my new favorite part of the blog! As a professional in HR there so many books that need to be read to help us understand our profession. As a young professional, I can’t stress how important it is to read the books and blogs to stay up to date and learn from the experiences of others.

My first book review is a one I immediately picked up when I was attending the SHRM17 conference in New Orleans! It premiered and is doing extremely well on Amazon Website. The author of the book is truly an influential HR Professional if you ever can see him speak, do it!

He was the first person I officially met at SHRM17 who is a part of my HRTribe. He connected with me, motivates me, and even willing to mentor me about getting my HR life in order. He makes me believe in HR as a profession, even more, every day I get to see him interact with the community.

He is an author, a blog writer, the HR Professional for a major pizza restaurant in Cincinnati.

Please join me in reading what will probably be one of the greatest HR Books of 2017

HR On Purpose: Developing Deliberate People Passion by Steve Browne (@SteveBrowne)

HR On Purpose

** Giveaway Results **

I had an HRBook Giveaway going on this past week, the only requirement to enter to win the drawing was to Follow the HRJazzy Blog! The winner has been picked … Congratulations to DWCRich – I hope this book helps you on your journey to becoming another great HR Professional who loves the field and ready to make a difference. I’ll reach out today!

Thank you to everyone who followed the HRJazzy Blog, I hope you stay on this journey with me helping HRNewbies, young and old, grow.