Dear White People – Speak Up #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge #Day2

First, black people don’t hate you … we hate your silence.

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If we’re being honest, that sums it all up.

We hate when you whisper, “I voted for Obama” to us when we’re having an entirely different conversation.

What’s the point?

We hate feeling like we are not enough when put next to our coworkers, not because my job has made me feel this way or because I’m not educated, but simply because we’ve been taught that you’re instantly better.

We hate seeing so many people jumping for joy that y’all have a 45th president and then crying to black women when he’s in office. Even though he’s always shown his true colors.

We hate when you won’t speak out on the little black children who are disappearing or being found dead because, “Well, I mean the black community isn’t that safe, they probably deserved it”.

We hate when you deny the plain jane truth about slavery, history of the black community, and the current state of the black community.

We hate when multiple black men have been killed by police officers and there is no outrage.

We hate that you HAD to turn #BlackLivesMatter into another hashtag and say that we are being racist against you. White people are seen every single day in this country as the ideal people.

We hate that you don’t have to think about going outside for a run or being pulled over by the police and having your children crying in the back seat because they think their parents/aunts/uncles/friends are about to die.

We hate that numerous black men and women are now in jail for something states are making legal.

These are real emotions that Black people face everyday and another reason why the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge is so important! Don’t take the defense of the things we’re saying, instead, sit back and have a great look at your world. It’s not to say that you don’t go through some of these things, everyone gets pulled over by the police.

But where is your voice when it happens?

To those who do speak out and are trying to help us in the fight to uplift our community, we thank you. We thank you for speaking up and doing the right thing to help justice. We thank you for speaking up when others have turned a blind eye.

All of these items summed up does not hold a place of hate in our heart for who white people are, we are just asking that you make better choices.

Dear White People, Please Speak Up



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