We Are Here and We Matter! #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge #Week1

I’m accepting the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge put on by Sarah Morgan, check her out she’s awesome and make sure to purchase some of the #BlackBlogsMatter items.

I find it important to participate in this challenge because if WE don’t get the word out, who will? If we don’t tell our stories, showcase our art, create our visions, show proof that our dreams can come true, or open those businesses, we will be kept as the entertainment and minds for others who will forever use our ideas as their own. WE MATTER.

#BlackBlogsMatter because when the world news is getting it wrong and calling the children walking home at night criminals and finding the worst possible image of them, we have the ability to show who they really were.

We STILL matter because, without us, this world wouldn’t be as great as it is today.

We STILL matter because we have a voice that must be heard, no longer can we sit back and expect others to realize what we offer.

We STILL matter because our ancestors fought long and hard to make what we are doing today possible, and unfortunately, the fight continues.

We STILL matter because how many people can say they were hired simply to fill in a circle on an EEO-1 report?

We STILL matter because, in a world where Black Women are taught by their mothers that we must be strong and hold the weight of everything and everyone, we are still treated poorly and overlooked until we make our own way.

We STILL matter because we get to show Black Men that jail isn’t the only option in their future

We can no longer be afraid and hide our voices to placate others who are uncomfortable with the truth. #BlackBlogsMatter is not about putting down others, but instead a movement to uplift the Black Voices that have fallen down. The fact that it is Black History MONTH is a discussion all on its own.

These are experiences being shared that everyone needs to read about. Blogging is adding a voice to something that you love. It is helping people get through the struggles and realizing that they aren’t alone in the fight.

Image result for beautiful black

We are here and yes, we matter.

#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge

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