Black Love #BlackBlogsMatter #Day14

Black love is a special type of love to me. The images of two strong Black people coming together to create a life of faith, love, communication, and respect makes me believe.

Black friendship is important, we have our own struggles, but having someone else to help us on the journey to being who we are meant to be, during our good and our bad.

Black joy is needed, in a world that wants to defeat us and turn their backs on the people who built this country, we must fine joy within ourselves and our adventures.

Black gospel is a feeling, one that cannot be matched, for whatever God is doing in this season of  life, He’s not going to do it without you.

Black power is captivating, it is the strength of our grandmothers and fathers, our great aunts and uncles, our parents, our protectors, those who prayed that we wouldn’t see the same hurt in our lifetime.

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I grew up in a household with both parents, they are still happily married today, 46 years this year. My mother loves my father with a fierce love and even when she’s talking too much for him, my dad wouldn’t trade her for the world. They’ve laid the foundation for my sisters and I to follow, if that is the path we choose.

At church Sunday, the Pastor said something that I’d never heard before and it really hit home for me, “Never place your expectations on another human, you’ll be disappointed every single time, instead place it in God, and you’ll get everything you deserve and more.”

It’s not only about the love between two people, but also the love of family. Changing the image of black families all over the world, while we all have our own struggles and demons to face, when we love each other we come together and make the world better.

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Black love has been damaged by all of the reality tv shows, people going from relationship to relationship, trying to fill a void within themselves.

Please know, you do not need to be in a relationship to define who you are. It’s okay to be 25, 30, 40, any age and not be married, maybe that isn’t what you want in life. People were put on this earth to make a decision for what they want in life and do our very best to make it better for others.

Black Friendship Matters

Black Siblings Matter

Black Parents Matter

Black Family Matters 

Black Matters

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