#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge Day 16 – My Dad is the Best!!!

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Hi, it’s me, a certified Daddy’s Girl!

My parents have 4 girls and no boys, please don’t fake cry for him, having us girls was the best thing that ever happened in life.

Fathers are an important part in a child’s life, male or female. My father is a quiet man, he speaks when he has something on his mind, but other than that, he’s pretty reserved. My mother says we all get that from him. He worked in a steel mill 30+ years of his life, he isn’t the most patient man (I think I get that from him, lol), but he has a heart of gold and will try his best to help you if needed.

Sometimes I’d hate going to the store with him, because he would always know SOMEBODY and had to stop and chat for a while. My dad has always been a believer of God, even when times get rough, his faith never wavers. He has encouraged us all to find God and understand Him for ourselves. Every church program, bible study, church picnic, we were a part of it all, and he still is.

My dad will be 70 this year! It’s a big birthday, he’s seen things that I’ve never had to, in order to support his family. He’s loved the same woman for majority of his life. He’s been our protector, our guidance, our strength in a lot of cases. Man, my dad honestly deserves the world! He’s the one person I will always get out of character for if you ever try him while I’m around, no matter the time or place, male or female, I will have the strength of the Hulk if you try my dad, and I’m calling my sisters, lol.

My dad is the example of why we fiercely love our black fathers. I know everyone wasn’t able to have the experiences I’ve shared with my dad and that sucks. It’s a type of love that I truly believe everyone needs and deserves.  While our black men may not be perfect, neither are we. We all struggle, we all go through situations in life. It’s not an excuse for the men who are not doing what they should be, no matter what race or color.

I have the greatest dad on this earth, to me, there is no doubt in my mind. I’m the baby of my family, the one that was supposed to be a boy, but look at God! They got the girl of their dreams 🙂  Love your fathers, you never know what they’re having to endure, to keep peace in your life.

** I would have added a picture of my dad here, but he don’t know y’all like that, so I’m going to insert a photo of President Barack Obama  🙂 🙂 **

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