#HRJazzy Tuesday Tips

I’ve been pressing you to get started on your dreams right now and not wait until the clock strikes 12, officially making it 2019, but talk is cheap if you don’t know what to do. Having a plan in place is important, even if the plan changes. For HRJazzy Tuesday Tips, I’d like to provide you with a few people / companies that have inspired me to write down my dreams and make them come true. 

I’ve written and spoken a lot about the power of networking, it’s something that I hate doing, but understand the power of skill. These are a few of the people who I’ve networked with in the past. It could be via a conference, email, Twitter, Linkedin, or some other way. 

This list is in no order and not meant to be one of those “Top ____ People”. It’s simply a list of dope people who are making a difference and deserve the praise. 

Skill Scout

Skill Scout – The company that helps you create amazing job videos. You can check out the Website, Twitter, and Instagram.  They are also offering a FREE Webinar series so make sure you sign up

The Memo LLC

The Memo – Preparing Women of Color for their Seat At the Table. Website, Twitter, and Instagram.  The Career Boot Camps are essential for us and at a price even students can afford! 

#SecureTheSeat Podcast is another venture for Minda Harts, one that I enjoy every Wednesday. She speaks to and gives her thoughts along side her guest of the week. Her bonus questions at the end always make me laugh, anyone who knows how to cook grits the correct way (I will die on the hill that sugar does NOT belong in grits) is cool with me! Make sure you download, subscribe, and leave a review when you listen! 

Sarah MorganThe Buzz on HR! I am forever grateful to Sarah. Her #BlackBlogsMatter series made it safe for me to express the way I feel as a Black Woman in the corporate world without feeling like I should hide the most important part of my life.  I saw her speak this year when she came to ALSHRM Conference in Birmingham and had great delight when she gathered the people of Alabama 🙂 Sarah was recently featured on BlackEnterprise.Com  for an article written by another dope Black Woman Kandia Johnson, “This HR Executive’s Approach to Dealing with Microaggressions in the Workplace” . 

HRJazzy Tuesday Tips will be back next week with more great people and companies who deserve to be recognized, until then, reach out and learn something from the ones I’ve provided this week. 

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