My 2019 Request …

In a few days, and probably already written, New Year resolutions will be started. People will be headed to the gym, starting new diets, positions, journaling, etc. I did a vision board for 2018, so I understand the pull. But, I have one primary request for 2019, as people (and especially companies) go into the new year ….

Stop expecting Black Women to save you.

Some people are going to counter this and say, “Stop expecting ALL Women to save you” but right now, I’m focused on the women who don’t have the opportunities that ALL have. The women who are having their children shot and killed in malls and on streets and receiving no justice. The women who are overlooked in the health care world because we’ve been conditioned to just “deal” with our problems and embody the Strong Black Woman stigma. The young teenage girls and grown women who are sitting in a prison for defending themselves against men who harmed, hit, harassed, and/or raped them.

Black women have been trying to save you since the beginning of time. But who has been here to save us?

Who steps in at the workplace when we don’t get the raise we deserved, even though we made our case?

Who steps in when the boss in the high position tells us the only way we can move up is if we do something a little “special”?

Who is here to save us when all we want to do is be successful, but because of our skin color and our gender we have to jump through 50 more hoops?

Oh, right, we are expected to handle all of those problems on our own. We are obviously not doing enough to make it to the next step.

Black Women are tired of saving others and only having scraps to survive on for ourselves.

Our children are still looked down on because their skin is darker, while white women are adding makeup to their skin to become darker because “It makes them look exotic” … yea, sure it does. Until you’re walking in your favorite store, minding your own business, trying to find the perfect new outfit and notice the cashier following your every move. Or you’re dying on the table after giving birth because your doctors and nurses haven’t paid attention to your body or your words.

It’s favorable and fun to be a Black Woman until it’s time to stand for every shade of Black Women.

So, in 2019, I ask that you stop expecting us to create the space for YOU to be ok with us showing up as the beautiful, intelligent, creative, and phenomenal Black Women we are.

One thing I’ve learned about Black Women the more I continue reading, watching, and experiencing this life is that we are strong.

We will continue to be strong.

But in 2019, we’re doing it on our terms.

And you’ll just have to deal.

Until Next Time …

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