Your Next Chapter is Waiting … 2019

2019 is officially here. My last tweet of 2018 was about ice cream and that pretty much sums up my life. I was also in bed by 9pm last night so I rang the New Year in deep under the covers!

Many of us take time to reflect on the previous year and envision the new. I buy a new journal and write down my hopes and dreams, then I lose it or see a new journal that looks way better by mid February and start over again.

Last year, I created a vision board and besides a few areas, like deciding not to study or sit for SHRM-CP, still eating more fast food than I should have, and still not mastering getting over being big on procrastination, I accomplished many of my goals.

The places I’ve gone and opportunities I received in 2018 have already helped me shape my goals for 2019. But, that doesn’t mean some of them won’t take time to happen.

See, every year we make these resolutions and we’re good for the first 30 days. We hit the gym, we eat better, we go to networking events, we work harder, and then … life hits. Maybe you get an extra project at work or school, an audit hits, someone gets sick. Life happens.

My main goal for 2019 is to keep going. In times of doubt, in times of failure, when something doesn’t go how I’ve planned, I need to keep going. My 2019 dreams are big and while I know I might stop after a while, that doesn’t mean I can’t get back up.

What will the personal pages of your next chapter bring?

I also have goals that entails depending on others, which is probably one of the hardest.

Goals to improve HR is something I can’t do alone. 2018 was a game changer for our profession. In my eyes, HR is at the position where we officially sink or swim. Sitting on the sideline and hoping that a few of the good practitioners shine will no longer work. Each of us have to step up to show that many more of us are willing to step up for our employees and not just our company.

Diversity and Inclusion was also another major area for us in 2018 and will continue to be in 2019. We’ve had people fighting hard to change the perception and speak on what it really means for years. We’ve also had people who replay the basics of it on PowerPoint to get a check.

HR has gone up against the “leaders” of the community. We’ve challenged each other for the things said and done (which I absolutely love) because if we can’t check each other, how can we go up against the marketing department?? (I’m just kidding, marketing is our friend). Seriously, I’m very happy that HR professionals are coming into our own and not following the same 10 people on the top 10 list from 2005. We won’t be able to change or improve how the world sees our profession if we’re not willing to go up against the people who haven’t changed their outlook in the last 10 years. My biggest hope for 2019, is that the conference community starts paying attention. 🗣 Stop buying the same speakers.

We’re still talking about a seat at the table for HR … I’m thinking we will finally learn how to sit down by 2025.

So, the clock has made it official, the date is here, 2019 is already in motion. What are you going to do with this new year? It doesn’t have to be a resolution, if you start and stop that’s fine! But make sure you give yourself opportunities to be your BEST.

Your next chapter is waiting.

Until Next Time …

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