WorkHuman 2019 – Join Me?

Y’all know I love me a good conference! Getting the opportunity to learn and meet up with other pros in the business really motivates me, so I am absolutely pumped to be attending WorkHuman 2019 in Nashville, TN this year!!

I’ve been following #WorkHuman tweets for the last two years. Seeing some of my great HR Friends like Victorio Milian, Mary Faulkner, Janelle Rodriguez, and many many more attend and tweet out great information really gave me inspiration to put it on my “Must Attend Conference” list. If you need more proof that you should join in March, check out the twitter hashtag and visit the website for quick overviews and highlights of the last few years of WorkHuman.

Another great reason for attending WorkHuman2019 is that it’s close to me this year! I live close to Nashville and have visited and driven through numerous times over the last 5 years. I enjoy the city and the adventure it brings and think it’s a great place for this conference.

#WorkHuman has been giving little highlights and information of the speakers and while I’m not 100% sure of my exact schedule (and always allowing space for it to change) I’m constantly checking out the website to get more information on the sessions. I’ve been blessed to be able to see a few speakers already at other events, but a lot of these speakers are new to me, so I’m excited to see what they bring!

I want to share one of the big 1st day openers I’m waiting to learn more information on. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a blog a few times a week to break down my decisions on Breakout Sessions and Keynote Speakers. Y’all … The Breakout Sessions are hard, because there are so many great ones!

Also follow my HRJazzy Instagram and HRJazzy Facebook Page as I share a speaker / session I want to hear speak or meet daily!

-BTW, I’m getting all of my information from the WorkHuman 2019 Agenda

Monday, March 18th – The beginning of the fun! I’m interested to learn more about WorkHuman Gives, here is the information provided on the website: “At WorkHuman, we make sure to leave every city we visit better than when we came. We also know that we have some of the most talented HR professionals in the business, so this year we are pairing your skills with the local Nashville community that needs your help. Join us for an afternoon of giving, creating, and making new connections as we kick off WorkHuman.” When I first read this my introvert self came in full force, but I’m excited about the idea of creating in this space. Nashville has a lot of creativity, this is one of the big cities people move to for their big break (and, as long as no one ask me to sing, we will survive it) so I’m excited to see how WorkHuman will have us help create and give to the great city of Nashville.

#WorkHuman will be held March 18th – 21st. You can find out all information by visiting the Official WorkHuman Website. Conferences do cost a pretty penny, especially for people who have to do it on their own. Or, you need to convince your company or boss that it’s worth the money. I hope over the next few weeks I can help you make the decision to join us in 2019.

When registering, use my referral code >> WH19INFJWI << to get an extra $200 off your registration fee!

If you can’t join us in Nashville, make sure you’re following #WorkHuman on all social media outlets and even follow the people blogging about the conference. We learn from each other because we can’t learn in person and the #WorkHuman Team has a lot of great people willing to share the knowledge.

#WORKHUMAN2019 … Join Me?

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