HRJazzy #WorkHuman2019 Breakout Session Goals

I’m very excited to not only be attending WorkHuman this year, but to also be a blogger for the event! I want to breakdown my session choices day by day. This post is only for Day 2 Breakout Sessions. These breakout session choices are hard, they have some great speakers and topics coming to the conference. Being that this is my first year attending WorkHuman, I’m going to try my best to soak up every single moment of the conference and the people I’ll meet. I always leave room for change in my session planning so I have a back up session just in case the room is full or I hear more about a session and determine that it would be a better fit.

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Ok, back to the Breakout Sessions! In this post, I’ll be breaking down my choices for Tuesday, March 19th. You can go read my original posting about going to WorkHuman here and that explains my plans for Day 1, Monday, March 18th.

 Adult me wants to say I’ll wake up early and go to Yoga … real me knows that’s questionable :).

Day 2 – Tuesday, March 19th:

day 1 113011:30 am: I’ve decided to attend ‘Squad Goals! The Powerful Impact of Relationships at Work’ for the first official breakout session. Here, we have 2 speakers, which I typically enjoy at conference sessions. I’ve linked the session so you can go and find out about the session and the speakers, Jen Fisher and Kelly Monahan, PH.D. Now, I know relationships are important at work, you need to have trust and understanding of your coworkers, but I want to know more information about how to create these relationships. Everyone (cough me cough) doesn’t really like all of the basic team building activities, so finding other ways for people to connect will be very helpful. It’s also important to have the data about relationships at work because I’ve found that my employers really like to know what is and what is not working for others and then make decisions with that information.

day 1 123012:30 pm: I’m very interested to hear ‘The Missing Piece in the Diversity and Inclusion Puzzle‘ presentation being done by David Lapin. HR is always discussing Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and I’d like to hear what David says is the missing piece. The “You Will Learn” piece of the session description is what really pulls me into the session. This seems to be a very big session to attend that will provide a lot of information from the outlook of Diversity and Inclusion in a different manner. especially the, “A framework for diversity conversations that go beyond race” part of the conversation. I definitely plan to write a follow up to this session to share the missing piece for us all. 

day 1 1301:30 pm: The #MeToo movement has created a space to discuss harassment of all kinds in the workplace. No more is it just the old school videos being watched and whispering around the office if something actually is harassment or not. ‘HR’s Role in Responding to #MeToo: Creating a Culture of Anti-Harassment and Inclusion’ presentation by Jessica Childress is sure to be a great session to attend. I think one of the biggest issues with harassment of any kind in the workplace is that we don’t know now to address the situation, we don’t know how to speak with people. Yes, we have the basic information we can google or search an HR site for, but every situation is not the same. Getting real experience on situations help me learn best and I definitely want to learn more about addressing the issues of #MeToo with others. 

day 1 2302:30 pm: The last breakout session of the day! This time I’m choosing ‘Love and Marriage: Customer and Employee Experience Activation’ w/ Angela Howard. Customer and employee experience is very important in my field. Majority of my company employees are front-line employees, they see and experience a lot day in and day out. If they have something going on, not in a good mood, thinking about something else, that all changes the experience they give and receive from customers. No matter what field you work in, everyone has a bad day and you never know what someone is going through to make the experience change. This session is going to be one that I can hopefully bring back to my job and create change that helps all parties of the company. With a promise that, “Attendees will walk away with real tactics around “landing the plane” on customer experience and cultural transformation” I’m really hoping that this one will end day one with a bang.  

2019 Conferences will need to bring better information, better ideas, better speakers, and a overall better experience. I can’t wait to see the type of experience WorkHuman brings us this year! After hearing great reviews from other attendees, speakers, and the bloggers of past WorkHuman conferences, I think this will be one I really enjoy. 

Until Next Time … 




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