I’m Too Busy to Use Sick Days

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say this or maybe you’ve felt this way at least once before. I’m too busy, I can’t take off. I have things to do.

It’s the beginning of the year! I have reports to complete, new team member paperwork to do, except E-Verify because you know … shutdown. Accounts to create. Turnover needs to be done. I had an important workers compensation meeting set. Monday night I was going to write 3 blog post and post about a webinar. There is so much to do.

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But, Monday night I was in a car accident. Thankfully, we were both able to walk away from the crash with only some pain/soreness. I took Tuesday off after a long night at the ER and joking about possibly having a big bump on my head with the boyfriend. He thought it was funny, I did not 😒😊.

I strolled into work on Wednesday determined to catch up on the work I had missed. Half way through the day, I started feeling tired, but stuck it out. Thursday, just felt blah, if you know what I mean, and by mid morning today (Friday) I was sure a break down that included tears was coming.

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I wasn’t in physical pain. But mentally exhausted.

Now, this is probably the part where Kristina Minyard text me, “MA’AM” if she’s reading this to tell me never do this ever again. And I’d agree with her. You need to rest, you deserve rest.

I’ve been thinking, if I do this as the HR person, how do the employees feel? Do they think they should get back to work right after an accident, death in the family, family emergency, inconvenience, etc.? Are we pressuring people to come back after something so traumatic? Do they feel pressure even if we’re not pushing them to come back? I wasn’t pressured to come back but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t be.

We are allowing people to clock back in because a doctor says they are physically able to work again, but what about mentally? How are the people and families affected by the government shut down going to feel even after the government is back up? The people who have been worried about paying their bills, keeping the heat on, having something to eat. How was I supposed to know that I’d have a mid day mental crash and almost bring out the toddler in me?

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While the day did get better. I’m thankful that it’s Friday. I’ve learned my lesson, but we have a lot of work to do HR. Getting the CEO’s and leadership chairs in charge to make sure employees have what they need. My work will still be there and if need be, my boss can take the wheel for a few days. But, that luxury isn’t available to everyone, even though it should be.

So this weekend I’m going to get some rest. I’m going to sleep a lot of hours. I’m going to get back to being myself. Stay safe y’all … and use those days.

Until Next Time …

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