#BlackBlogsMatter Y’all Want to Play?

I’ve missed 2 weeks of the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge, but I hope you’ve been keeping up with the hashtag on Twitter, IG, and every social platform. With so much going on, it’s hard to write about everything, but it all needs to be addressed. The past, the present, and the future … lets go.

Week 2 – Make Who What Again?

When this post was supposed to come out, it seemed as though white prep boys, schools, and parents thought it was okay to disrespect elders and cultures all over the world. This isn’t new. It also wasn’t surprising that maga wanted us to blame everyone and everything except the smart mouth teen who was disrespectful. Again, not new.

See if a white teen prep boy does this it is labeled as, “Expressing yourself”, when you’re black or born in another country it’s labeled as a disrespectful teenager who played football but his mother couldn’t keep a job and his daddy wasn’t around, so he wasn’t contributing to society anyway.

But, I’m just guessing.

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I didn’t watch the full video floating around, I’ve decided to keep the little bit of peace I do have at this time in my life.

Making a place great, again, for people who have always had to fight for their rights and still aren’t given the same respect or experience as others just doesn’t seem … correct. Making it great by having us build everything on our backs while you get the credit. Making it great enough to go back in time and strip Black people of their votes and opportunities. Making it great again to ensure killing Black people is ALWAYS on the agenda. Doesn’t seem like we’re making anything great, again, for Black individuals. Just that white people still don’t need to be responsible for their actions or words so you want to go back in time and make that perfectly clear, again.

Nothing about this country has been great for Black people.

Oh yes, we got the right to finally be free … why were we enslaved to begin with?

Oh yes, we got the right to speak up for ourselves, but then again, that scares police so … no.

Oh yea, we got the right to vote … I’ll let the representation of what happened to Stacy Abrams tell you about that one.

But wait, we got Obama! The same man y’all harassed and made fun of his wife and kids because you couldn’t deal with a Black Successful Man in office … now look at us.

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Which leads to Week 3 – I’m Not Going Back and Forth With You!

To keep it short and sweet. Why do we need to go back and forth with people who won’t, not can’t, accept their wrong in a situation?

You want to fight with us about Black people killing each other, Black people not keeping a job, about how Black Lives Matter is possibly a hate group. About Black Women dying at extremely high rates during or after pregnancy. Drugs in our community. You’re upset when we get to see people who look like us, yes in every shade, achieving their goals.

You’re mad that Black People want to flourish and be our best while living our best life because it doesn’t fit your agenda. I’m not going back and forth about the Black community. We know we have our faults, no one is perfect, but until you recognize the wrong you did to contribute to our society being the way it is, don’t tell us how to live!

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Until Next Time … Keep following #BlackBlogsMatter and #BlackPodsMatter!



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