The Best Is Yet to Come … SHRM17 Special

HELLO Blog Club! Hmm that’s kinda lame, let me think of names for my great blog readers and followers.

Well SHRM17 is over, but the connections and memories that were made these last few days are forever! This is a mini recap of the things I learned while at SHRM17, now the bigger recap will come this weekend after I’ve sat down and gone through all of my notes.

However I just wanted to tell you all, if you were a part of the #NotAtSHRM17 club that 1 we missed you, 2 you better be in attendance for SHRM18 in Chicago, and 3 SHRM, New Orleans, Vendors, and Volunteers showed us an amazing time!

My Day 1 at SHRM17 post really highlighted my fears of being an HR Newbie and while I still had my introverted moments, all of that fear went right out the window on Day 2. I made 7 out of 10 connections from my blog post #HR #MondayMotivation – The People to Meet and countless others from my twitter community.

I really made this post just to let you’ll know that more is on the way, I’m so pumped about the coming future of the HRJazzy Blog and my HR career. The inspiration received from everyone at SHRM17 gives me so much to write so I can in turn, hopefully, inspire you. Get ready for the ride of Growth, Passion, and Leadership HR, because I’m ready to become the best ME possible.

Until Next Time …

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