You Inspire Me – SHRM17 Day 3 Recap

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SHRM17 Day 3 was a day of inspiration. The speakers I attended really hit home on what HR should be to our team members. On my schedule today on sessions to attend, I knew I couldn’t miss out on Steve Browne “Brand Name HR: Giving Your Function Life and Purpose!” It was everything I needed to be inspired to not only improve my Personal Brand, but also my Professional Brand.

Steve had a lot of great points to share with us, here are just a few:

  • You don’t need to KNOW the business, you need to BE the business – HR is the business, it’s time we stop demanding a seat at the table and just sit down already!
  • If you’re not making people uncomfortable, you’re not doing your job – get out into the company and talk to people, stop allowing HR to be known as “That Office”
  • If you’re only in HR to discipline, GET OUT! You don’t care about improving your employees performance – this is one of the reasons we are known as just, “That Office” because people see us, and they automatically think someone is about to get fired.
  • Diversity means we are different, we all need to work on being better about what it is and how to fix it – Mic Drop
  • HR should be the safe haven for ALL employees – seriously, everyone from the CEO to the New Hire that just came on, should be willing to talk to you, without feeling like they’re in trouble.
  • Don’t Enforce Stupid Rules, Change Them – look at that handbook, is everything still relevant? Are you punishing hard working employees for the same things you’re doing? Who’s truly at fault, us or them?

This was one of my favorite slides, because it ask the questions that we should all find the answer to for ourselves.

We also had an amazing General Session Keynote, given by Mr. Patrick Lencioni. He also understands exactly what teamwork means, and I can’t wait to break into his book, “The Ideal Team Player”

Patrick’s lessons on HR immediately pulled me in and allowed me to really think about the team members, and what we are offering them. If we can’t gain their trust, we aren’t helping them be better, then what exactly are we doing? How much are we, as HR, costing our company, if we are not looking out for the people working for us day in and day out to keep our business going?

SHRM17 was awesome, as you can see. I truly hope I can attend every year from here on out. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a SHRM conference, start saving, and do all you can to make it happen, SHRM18 is right around the corner. The people that you meet are wonderful, from the volunteers, the SHRM team, the Blog Squad, and even some of us attendees 🙂

Take10 Stage Shoutout! Brad Galin gave one of the best pieces of advice,

“Be more curious than certain”

Take a moment think about that one.

Until Next Time …

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