Thanksgiving Joy from HRJazzy

From my blog to you, Happy Friendsgiving!


I’ve received a lot of support, not only in the blog world, but from people who are HR Professionals, striving to become HR Professionals, Lawyers, and business professionals from all over. I am very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to answer a question, read the blog, follow my social media pages, and more.

I hope you get to celebrate this day with the ones you want to be with the most.

HRJazzy.Blog is getting refreshed! Starting Monday, November 27th, I’ll be tweeting out hints about what’s new to come from the blog and how to win my very first HR Giveaway for a new section of my blog that I hope you all love!

The updated blog will officially post on Friday, December 1

Getting Young Professionals ready to tackle the new year! My goal from this blog site is to make sure Young Professionals, and anyone looking to enter the HR Field, has top tips and knowledge. Not only from my perspective, but also those in my HRTribe who I learn from and who I’m very grateful for in my life.

So, Until Next Time … Make sure you follow @HR_Jazzy (Twitter) HRJazzy (FB Page) and HRJazzy (IG)

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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