Should You Leave?

I was talking to a friend the other day, they wanted to know if any HR positions were available in our area. I first referred them to Northern Alabama Society of Human Resources (NASHRM), one because I’m trying to increase our membership and two … we’re awesome, duh. Anyway, I informed them of a few of the positions we have posted and they immediately asked why I haven’t applied for one of the jobs.

I knew my answer, had a list of reasons why I’m not qualified to fill these roles and they immediately replied, “You’re selling yourself short”.

When it comes to my career I’ve been the “play it safe” type of person. Even with this blog, I have a number of ideas, I discuss them with others, they think it’s great, and then I talk myself out of it. I get nervous, what if I mess something up. What’s wrong with where I currently stand?

Sometimes making the decision to leave a company isn’t about the workplace being a horrible environment. Sometimes it’s about deciding what YOU want for yourself, not what your boss or company wants for you.

All of those positions currently open in HR, all of the places I could take my blog, all of the things I want to do in my life, won’t become if I don’t go after them.

Should You Leave That Job?

I don’t know, I can’t answer that question for you. What I do know is, if you’re having this internal conversation with yourself, maybe it’s time to reach out to an HR contact or Mentor.

Ultimately, it’s your decision to make a change, always remember this. You make the difference in your life.

Maybe it’s time for better, this doesn’t mean that your current company isn’t great, you could have just outgrown it.

Having loyalty to a company doesn’t change if you decide to leave. You might have started the journey with the company, but that doesn’t mean it’s your end.

Until Next Time …

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