Reverse Racism Isn’t Real #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge Day 20

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The Oxford Dictionary defines Reverse Racism as – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism on the basis of race directed against a member of a dominant or privileged racial group. 

There some days that I feel certain, not all, white people need to be recognized so much that they will spit anything out of their mouths. It’s really ridiculous and I seriously hope you receive help if this is you.

Recently the movie The Black Panther came out, there were photos being sent around the web about black people beating up white people for attempting to see the movie. Are you really that pathetic that you have to make up a story about another group of people who honestly could care less if you saw the movie or not?

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You are so privileged that you get upset that another person with a darker skin tone is receiving acknowledgement for a success they’ve had.

You are so privileged that you’re not even willing to allow another race and/or gender to make the same or more money than you, even when we’re doing a much better job.

You are so privileged that you can’t see how much you’re wrong.

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You’ve never been wrong white people, men especially, can’t be wrong. (**inserts that eye roll from all Black America again**)

The tiniest thing puts fear in white peoples heart that one day, they might be treated the exact same way, they’ve treated Black people for hundreds of years.

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Matter of fact … just go watch the movie Dear White People … the cast looks darn good!

#BlackBlogsMatter because we have to be here to acknowledge all the Black people who are having their lives, their art, creativity, ideas, discussions, opportunities stolen from them. #BlackBlogsMatter because even the white people who do stand with us, can’t always understand how we feel and what it’s like to live being a Black person. #BlackBlogsMatter because we have the right to tell our stories in our own way.

We aren’t racist, we are Black people rising from the ashes of our ancestors white people killed, slaved, beat up, sent attack dogs on, whipped, hosed down, and embarrassed because they couldn’t dare coexist with people who could have possibly had more to offer.


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