#BlackBlogsMatter #BlackConsciousness Day 28

Whew, we’ve made it 28 Days on this journey.

Consciousness: the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings/the awareness or perception of something by a person.

Black Consciousness: awareness of one’s identity as a black person, especially as a basis for a political grouping or movement.

It’s interesting to see how alike, but also how different we are, even in words. Think about it this way, when a white man walks out his door in the morning, he’s awake, but is he aware? Whereas when a Black man walks out of his door, he must be both.

Being Black isn’t something you can “turn off”. We are amazing, creative, inspiring people, we have so much to give, but we are constantly hiding who we are because the people around us don’t appreciate us. It is difficult to live in a world where we’re constantly taken advantage of and looked at as less than. To be friends with non-POC and wonder if deep down they truly believe they are better.

To some extent, Black people are our own worse enemies. We are all trying to figure out the “fix” to make white people accept who we are that we abandon or turn on each other in the fight. I hate that we even label it as ‘the fight” because it is only making it worse.

For the last day of February, I challenge you to really go back and read all of the #BlackBlogsMatter Post, thankfully we still have Weekly Flavors because there is still so much we need to do. Don’t stop learning just because this short month is up.

Black Lives Still Matter. 


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