HR – Take Care of You

It’s Friday! The end of the week, this day is celebrated all around the world every week, but for me, today isn’t that great.


Emotionally, I’m in a mood and I can’t tell you why. I’ve been the mood since I walked out my front door, nothing happened, it had been an amazing morning, until I left my house. Earlier I was having a conversation with one of my managers about some things they needed, before hanging up the phone, they asked if I really was ok. “You train us to smile through the phone and you’re not smiling, Jazmine”

How many times have we as HR Professionals faked the funk to look out for others? How many times do we forgo our own feelings because an employee needs us to be strong for them in that moment? I’m not saying other professions don’t also experience these issues, but I do think it is more frowned upon for HR professionals to discuss it because we are always supposed to be “on”.

We are the door they come knocking on or phone number they dial to get them through something, but who can we run to?

That phone call also showed me that my managers are paying a lot more attention to the things I do and say, than I thought they were. Which is good, I’ll remember this the next time I’m trying to implement a change, lol. We create these great benefit plans to provide our employees with the best doctors and services we can offer them, but are we taking advantage of those options as well?

I’m not an emotional person, so it is easy for me to realize when I’m getting into this space. It took me time (and I’m still learning) how to comfort someone when they are crying or being in their own mood. I know I’m going to be ok and get through the day, but not everyone will, and that’s why I decided to actually post this.

Image result for comforting emotional people meme

Take the time you need to be better. Remember to take care of them, you must first take care of you.

Until Next Time …

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