#SHRM18 Speakers to Meet – Dr. Melanie Peacock

SHRM18 is coming, we are less than 100 days from boarding our planes or getting in our cars to travel to Chicago and embarking on a new year of networking and learning from the speakers and vendors during the conference. Being an SHRM18 Blogger (YAY!) I’ve been given the opportunity to interview a few speakers and vendors of choice and this person was my first speaker of choice. We’ve been connected on Twitter for a few months now and she has truly been a continuous motivation for me with learning in HR and finishing up my degree. She cheers me on and sends me positive vibes every step of the way. She is one of the most important people who I MUST meet at SHRM18!

My first SHRM18 Q&A Speaker Interview: Dr. Melanie Peacock  Dr. Melanie Peacock

Dr. Peacock will be speaking on Monday, June 18th 7:00 a.m. – 8:15 a.m. Learning from HR in Canada – check out the session information and more about her career here: HR in Canada SHRM18 Session

I had a few questions for Dr. Peacock about her session and she’s provided me with the great answers to let you know why you should grab your coffee and join us (because I’ll be there!) during the 7:00 a.m. session!

  1. What are 3 current leading trends in Canadian HR?

So many to choose from, but I will say 1) Legalization of Marijuana 2) Gender parity and equity (wages, job opportunities, etc.) and 3) Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  I will be addressing each of these in my presentation.

2. Tell me why your session isn’t only for HR Professionals who live in Canada.

I will be speaking about evolving Canadian HR practices and based upon lessons learned, these insights and experiences can help HR professionals from all global locations (i.e. not just the US) think about and prepare for how their own HR practices need to evolve.  The topics I will be discussing will help people be proactive, strategic and think deeply about issues that will, and could potentially, impact their work.  I am going to talk about the future of HR based upon these ongoing developments and hope to help people engage with their passion for our work and help people remember that what we do is critical to the success of organizations and, at its core, impacts people’s lives and fulfillment

3. Can you provide me with 1 Canadian law that impacts HR and how you think it could help HR Professionals in the US?

Again, I’ll refer to the impending legalization of marijuana.  I know that other international locations (including some states) have already experienced this issue, but many haven’t.  Beyond the specifics of the legislation, the HR lessons learned can be used when/if any legislations changes that ultimately impacts the practice of HR.  In other words, insights gained from this specific issue can be carried over and are useful to many processes that HR professionals need to be aware of and address.

4. As a first-time attendee of a SHRM National Conference, what are you looking forward to on this journey?

I can’t wait to meet many people IRL and to have the opportunity to chat in-person.  While technology is great, it will be wonderful to have the chance to exchange ideas without the limitation of 280 characters!  I’m also looking forward to learning from my colleagues so that I can enhance and evolve my own practice and knowledge.

One last thing …

I hope people attend my session as I will be talking about the power of connection, which is a passion of mine.  It is important that we stay connected to our global colleagues, to our work and to ourselves.  We need to remain mindful of why we choose to be HR professionals and the responsibilities and opportunities this provides.  I look forward to connecting with people at #SHRM18!

Connect with Dr. Peacock today!

Twitter: @doublempeacock

LinkedIn: Dr. Melanie Peacock — send a note

Follow the #SHRM18 and #SHRM18Blogger hashtags – Fun Fact: Dr. Peacock is also a SHRM18 Blogger!!!

Until Next Time …

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