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I’m so excited to host the HR Carnival this month with the theme of Expanding Your Knowledge, a play off the SHRM18 Conference in Chicago – Expanding Your World. This month, I want to promote learning in every form. If it was attending the conference, a webinar, studying, etc. Anything that allowed you to learn something new and write about it, I wanted to feature it in this months HRCarnival. Maybe you were the person who Expanded someone elses world and that fits, too.

Our goal should always be to learn something new everyday. I hope these post help you challenge your thoughts and beliefs and find your truth.

Hold on to the rails, this HRCarnival Ride is about to start …

Expanding the World of Others:

Judith Lindenberger gives her take on what HR is – LindenbergerGroup – What Is HR

Mark Levinson – How to Cross-Skill and Grow T-Shaped Team Members

Steve Pemberton – History Remembers – This is a very important post, that speaks to what is happening in todays world, please check it out!

Kurian Prasad – Simplicity @ the other side of Complexity

Sabrina Baker – SHRM18 Wrap Up

Naomi Bloom – Conference Attendee Tips

Dorothy Dalton has been exploring Diversity in the world – Diversity of thought and the talent pipeline

Dr. Melanie Peacock – The Paradox of How Similarity Enhances Diversity

Jillian Caswell – Expanding HR: To Infinity … And Beyond!

Yvonne LaRose –

Engagement and gamification. Let’s get to the heart of these two terms and consider their effectiveness. Gamification and Its Aspects

Facebook keeps asking me, “What’s on your mind, Yvonne?” What’s on my mind? Nuclear holocaust, warfare on our domestic soils, safety. Here’s why.Developing the Environment

The May-June Recommended Reading list. Recommended Reading – May


Paul Herbert brought together a great 5 Day post during SHRM18 – be sure to checkout each one!

The Chronicles of Herbert Day 1

The Chronicles of Herbert Day 2

The Chronicles of Herbert

Chronicles of Herbert Day 3

Chronicles of Herbert End of Days

Jazmine Wilkes – #SHRM18 – Inspiration is All Around You

I hope you had a wonderful ride on the HRCarnival this month! Make sure you reach out to Robin Schooling if you would like to be added to the HRCarnival email list. Please share this post and the authors and follow the HRCarnival on Social Media!

Until the next ride …

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