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#SHRM18 – Inspiration is All Around You


Heading to SHRM18 I was nervous for multiple reasons. This would be my second year attending, but my first year on the SHRM Blog Squad. I worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rest of the crew, Mary Faulkner and Kristina Minyard type REALLY fast. I remember seeing them at SHRM17, it blew my mind.

What if I got around all of these amazing HR pros and realized I knew nothing 😱.

Nervous for the unknown of Chicago.

I got into Chicago Saturday night having a few ideas of what I would do and who I would meet up with. I decided to do nothing at all. I stayed in my hotel room, getting my thoughts together, talking with one of my sisters, talking with my boyfriend, trying to figure out the best outfit for day one. I was doing everything but attacking my fear of going out into the unknown.

And then Sunday came.

I got up extremely early, I could barely sleep, and I LOVE my sleep! I put on that outfit, paced around my room for a few minutes, I had time. Around 7am, I gathered all my items I planned on taking to the conference center and headed down to the lobby. In less than 10 minutes, I’d be walking through the doors of McCormick Place.

I remember walking up those SHRM18 Steps, trying to get in those steps for HRHighSteppers, and meeting the first of many volunteers who I would ask for something, but also thank for their hard work, we aren’t an easy crew of people to direct and help. I finally got into the Bloggers Lounge and was greeted with a hug from Mary Kaylor! Now, hugs don’t normally warm me and make me feel comfortable, so please don’t, but hers did the trick.

Over the next few hours I would be reconnected with and meeting for the first time, so many of those amazing HR Pros and the inspiration hit.

I saw Mary Faulkner and Paul Herbert blogging away and immediately wanted to start a new piece. I saw Dr. Melanie Peacock speaking and immediately decided to get over my fear and start applying. I saw every person in that room, going after what they love, whether it be a blog, podcast, presentation, the love of HR, learning, speaking, and I decided this is my time.

I sat down with some amazing women and had real conversations about issues women are facing, in the workplace and everyday life. That was what I needed, we were open and honest and I felt inspired!

Thanks to Katrina Kibben (Three Ears Media) I was able to meet Elena Valentine (Skill Scout) these two women inspire me to go after my dreams and not compromise who I am.

I met people who told me they love what I’m doing and while it’s still hard to believe, they push me to continue trying my very best every single day. I felt inspired.

I saw Adam Grant telling a room full of HR Professionals to stop discouraging the ideas and dreams of yourself and others and felt like he was speaking directly to me. I am inspired.

Sorry, Dan Cross, I still wasn’t inspired to rock a Hawaiian shirt 🤷🏽‍♀️

The fear to conquer my dreams will never fade, but I know the dream to be better for myself, and for others, is worth feeling uncomfortable for a few moments. I look at the SHRM18 Bloggers and realize I want so much more for myself and my profession and they are showing me it’s possible.

You are an inspiration to someone, even if they aren’t able to come up to you and say the words. Know that someone is watching and wanting you to be the best YOU possible.

They are looking at your path and wondering how they will make their own.

Until Next Time … Just know, You Inspire Me.

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