First, I’m pretty sure I’ve used the word “Excited” every single time #SHRM17 has been discussed with anyone. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about anything, except for attending the 2016 Beyonce’ Formation Tour in NOLA – no pictures will be shared 🙂

Well here we are 15 days away from the biggest #HR Conference I’ve ever attended, in one of my favorite cities, with some of the best food, drinks, & music that anyone could imagine, and some of the BEST HR Pros from all around the world …. I AM EXCITED!

#SHRM17 – NOLA !!!


This morning I went through all of the Concurrent Sessions that #SHRM17 is offering to decide which will be my top choices. Now I’ve read a lot about what “First Timers” should and shouldn’t be prepared for at the conference and one of the major tips given was to “Have more than one session picked out”. Well I can successfully say, I have mastered this tip.

HRJazzy SHRM17 – click here to look at the schedule I’ve created for my experience of #SHRM17. The * indicates HR Pro’s I definitely want to try and meet while at #SHRM17. If you have any questions about this schedule comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

My plan is to get this exact schedule setup in my #SHRM17 app so I won’t be so overwhelmed at the conference. There are a few sessions I definitely don’t want to miss, but with so many great HR Pros being in one conference, I know some sessions may fill up quick.

My sister Stephanie, who is also in HR & attending #SHRM17, and I are trying to split up the sessions we both want to visit. Later in the day, we will go over the notes from the session and find out what the other learned and how it benefits us individually.

I’m a little confused about the Mega Sessions SHRM17 is offering, are those an extra charge? I left those off of my list because I don’t have that answer yet and if so, I’m pretty bummed I won’t be able to see Steve Browne (@SBrowneHR) speak. If you have an answer about the Mega Sessions comment below or tweet me please!

TY Beyonce

Well here it is HRJazzys’ 2nd Blog Post! I want to take a minute out to give a HUGE Thank You to everyone that has visited, tweeted, liked, and read this blog. As a Young Professional, getting out into the grown up world of HR can be difficult, but you are making a difference for me to explore this great career, so again, Thank You!

My next post will be about by Twitter Life, the awesome HR Pro’s I’ve met via social media, and how I plan to meet them in real life at #SHRM17.

Until next time …



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