Failure Is Ok

Read the title again.

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I’ve been on a motivational kick these past few weeks, here’s the latest. Failure has to be ok in your world and I want you to understand why I’m saying this. Nothing in HR is easy, except deciding on if the company party should have cake, the answer is always yes. In order to become better some amount of failure is necessary, but so many people are uncomfortable with dealing it.

I was speaking with Chris Fields (@ResumeCrusade) the other day and he asked me where I wanted to be, what were my goals and aspirations. After discussing it a little, I made the comment, “I’m 27 now, 30 is right around the corner” and he preceded to laugh (inserts my eye-roll). After that conversation, I realized there have been many times I’ve failed in something, but I’ve always gotten back up, and no matter my age, I would continue to do so because of my drive.

HR has provided me with many failures as a newbie, but I never stopped. Failure isn’t defined by what others think of you, they’re not walking in your shoes, they may have been in a situation in the past and can give you tips on how to come out of it, but ultimately, failure is only what you define it to be in your life. A few years ago, I deemed dropping out of college my first go around as a failure. Now, I understand the lesson that I had to learn to come back and succeed. I deemed not having a career in HR by 25 a failure, because what in the world was I doing all of those years before?

HRNewbies this post is to encourage you. Some will get job offers directly out of school, some will receive internships, and few will be sitting home wondering what’s going to happen next. Keep pushing, your journey may not be exactly what YOU think it should be, but as long as you keep striving to reach the goals that you want to achieve, failure will only be a stepping stone to the next best option.

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