HR Get Excited!

HR has been receiving a lot of criticism, backlashing, answers of what we should be doing, and some of it is rightly so. The changes HR have gone through and are currently still going through has been beneficial to ourselves, our companies, and most importantly our employees, and for these things alone, we should be excited.

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HR isn’t always easy, we encounter a lot of the good and the bad on an hourly basis some days, but for a lot of us, we wouldn’t change it for the world! Getting excited about HR doesn’t mean just getting excited about an employee turning paperwork in on time or finishing a training class, it’s getting excited about who we are as a community.

rawpixel-com-250087 (1)Kelly Marinelli, one of the most inspiring HR Pros I’ve had the honor of meeting, wrote one of the best blog posts I’ve read in a while, check it out here. It got me even more excited about HR, about the community we’ve built, and about the friendships, I think we’ve created.



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Pick and Choose What You Fall Into: I love HR because I’m doing something different every single day. I get to learn a new tool, a new law, a new policy. I’m still shocked at the things employees can come up with in their mind to justify their actions. I’m getting to decide if I want to focus more on training, which I love, or if it’s time for me to find out what recruiting is all about. Is there a specialty I want to focus on or is generalist the route for me? I’m creating my own career path and that’s one reason I get excited about HR! I’m not dismissing other career fields in which you could do the same, but those fields don’t move me to make a difference like HR. 

Helping Others: In HR you can truly help someone make a difference in their life, how can you not be excited about this? No matter what people say, employees do not always leave the HR office after signing their Cobra notice, they leave inspired to make a difference and improve their lives, and YOU helped them do it! Not only are we helping our employees, but also other HR professionals who are on this journey. When we’ve reached the top, the place that we want to be in our career, we’re turning right around and helping someone else reach their goals.


Yes, HR has been receiving a lot of negativity in the media, so many stories about sexual harassment, bullying, incorrect data, that HR could have possibly prevented or stood up for and made a difference. We definitely need to address these things, but we can’t focus on that negativity, we can’t bring ourselves down.

HR Get Excited

2018 is almost here and we are making a statement like no other in our field!



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