How to Tell Your Boss You Have a Side Hustle

Image result for side hustle memeIt’s the holiday season and you need some extra cash in your pocket. In today’s economy, it’s very rare that you find someone who isn’t working a side hustle. This can be a part-time job, writing a blog, speaking engagements, ad rating, editing, and more. Even if your side hustle doesn’t directly affect your job, it could possibly affect the way you’re perceived by your organization.

There are plenty of reasons why people have, need, or want side hustles. When I was younger, ok like 6 years ago, I had 3 jobs and was a full-time student. I had officially become an adult, which means I thought I was grown and went and got an apartment with a roommate who couldn’t pay her share of the bills. Those 3 jobs taught me a lot and I’m grateful for the opportunities that came with them.

As you’ll know, I started my twitter account and this HR Blog earlier this year. As a result, I’ve had the pleasure of writing for other HR Blogs. All the while my boss,  had no idea … well, I didn’t tell them. This blog is more so a way for me to express my concerns that I see as an HR Millennial/Young Professional and appreciate the work that is being done in the field.

Image result for side hustle meme

If you do have a side hustle that may or may not affect your role in your current organization, here are a few tips on how to tell your boss.

  1. Rip off the band-aid – if you’re going to go through the hassle of telling them, maybe you need to be off by 5:30pm to get to your side hustle job by 6, it is best to tell them upfront and not hide what you’re doing. Everyone does not need to know every part of your business, but if your side hustle is going to change the way you work your full-time job, you need to be open and honest to your company, especially if you still want to be receiving a paycheck from them. Sit your boss down and give them the information up front, but be prepared to answer questions, especially about why you decided to obtain a side hustle.
  2. Be Ready for questions – even though its a volunteer role, when I informed my boss I want to volunteer for my local SHRM board, the very first question was, “How much time will this take away from your job”. I understand her concern and if you’re starting a side hustle and telling your company, you may have this type of question asked to you. Remeber your main focuses and if that is your current career in your current position, you’re going to need to be ready to balance everything that comes with the roles.
  3. Don’t overshare – understand what needs to be shared and keep it at that. Honestly, decide if the side hustle is even a job that needs to be explained to your current employer.

In this day social media is huge, if your use of social media will increase, be very careful about what you’re posting, everything can lead back to you, and get you into more trouble than you thought.

One of the most important tips is to make sure you don’t lose your full-time position on this side-hustle. If it is your dream to make this a reality then that’s one thing, but if this is simply an extra job that is helping you save some money, try a few other options first, like asking your boss for a raise. Having multiple jobs can be VERY hard, especially if it isn’t a job in which you control your hours.


A side hustle isn’t a main hustle, pick and choose which you want to keep, and which helps you follow your dreams.

Until Next Time …

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