HRNewbies – An Experience of a Lifetime!

I’m not sure if my HRJazzy Readers have heard or not, but, little ole me will be co-hosting this Wednesdays #SHRMNextchat on Twitter with the new SHRM CEO and President Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Check out all the details here and hopefully, you can join in!

HRNewbies is a strong passion of mine because I’m fresh into the career field myself. Only being two years in and having a real struggle of breaking in is something I think not only the HRNewbies but also the HR Professionals who are welcoming us into the field should understand.

I choose HR every single day because I’ve seen the difference we can make in another persons life. But, I’ve also seen the struggle of HR.

When I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management in 2015 I started applying for jobs everywhere in Alabama, I wasn’t ready to branch out to another state at the time. Of course, many of those jobs wanted experience and honestly, I had management experience, but not technically HR experience. My schooling did not make me feel like I had the knowledge to do anything out of an entry-level position, and  I didn’t even know how to format my resume to get people interested. If you’ve read my blog before, I provide a lot of opinions and advice because of what I’ve lived through in hopes that the next HRNewbie won’t have such a hard time.

My network was extremely small, I wasn’t on any social media, except Facebook (inserts eye-roll), and I had no idea who or what SHRM or HRCI was at the time. My classes didn’t tell me about certifications in HR or how to shape my career. We didn’t even have networking events! It’s been almost 3 full years and I now know a little bit of what makes breaking into HR so difficult. It’s us. To find out more about why I feel this way, join #Nextchat tomorrow!

That’s just a little bit of my journey, now I’ve gotten connected with a great group of HR Pros who honestly help me out every single day. It can just be a tweet of motivation, answering one of my many questions, or someone speaking their truth and providing examples.

HRNewbies, we can’t leave this up to the Pros, we must be accountable for our actions as well. So drop in on Nextchat tomorrow at 3pm ET on Twitter and let’s have an open and honest conversation to figure out how we can help the next HRNewbie! I’m excited to connect with everyone!


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