#DisruptHRHSV Videos Are Here!!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve put out a full blog post. It seems that around this time every year, I take a month off from blogging and give myself some time to rest and create new content that can help emerging HR Professionals and the HR community as a whole. Well now, I want to blog about a major accomplishment that recently happened in Huntsville … DisruptHR!

I wrote about DisruptHR coming to Huntsville and my excitement behind the event. Another major shoutout to Kristina Minyard and Ben Eubanks for bringing DisruptHR to Huntsville. Speaking is something I’m wanting to get more involved in and I think this was a perfect way to start. It was an amazing event with great speakers. I was nervous as to how the HR Pros and leaders in the room would take me telling them to Shut Up. I didn’t want them to block out everything else I had to say because they didn’t like my approach. Our audience was open to the conversation and all of my millennial talk.

So, head over to DisruptHR.co and check out my DisruptHRHSV Talk – HR Shut Up! While you’re there check out the other 10 talks that were given that night and show love to the organizers and presenters on social media if you follow them. The 5 minutes go by extremely fast and I’m happy to say that I’m now part of the DisruptHR Family!

Jazmine Wilkes

HR Shut Up – Disrupt HR Huntsville


Until Next Time …

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