Countdown to #SHRM17

We’re almost there HR!

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It’s the Monday before #SHRM17 and my excitement, if you can believe it, is actually still growing! I’ve been saying I was going to start packing this pass weekend … well that didn’t exactly happen.

Now my plate is full, a week of work and meetings, packing for #SHRM17, making sure my sessions schedule is fully loaded, trying to figure out what I will be taking with me and putting everything in order to be off work for a week.

I wanted to write this post to give awareness to being overwhelmed this week. We have a major HR event coming up and it’s important that we still find time for ourselves in the storm. So instead of stressing about the amount of things that need to be done, try to remember the excitement you’ve had all along about attending #SHRM17.

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I’m super excited about meeting all of the great #HR pros, especially the #NextChat event happening in the blogger room on Tues between 5-6:30p. To finally meet all of the people I have a weekly conversation with on twitter is going to be awesome! I can already feel it, and hopefully we can get some more HR pros to join the conversation.

Where you are on your countdown list to #SHRM17? I look forward to meeting everyone!

Until Next Time …

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