SHRM17 Young Pros – Are You All In?

Sunday morning at 9:00a.m. starts the SHRM17 Annual Conference for quite a few Young Professionals in the HR industry, including myself. We are gearing up to meet each other and have an orientation session on what to expect while attending SHRM17, but are we coming prepared?

I’m growing my HR network and I haven’t ran into a lot of HR YP’s in Alabama, so I’m personally hoping SHRM17 is will be the perfect opportunity to meet and greet those from AL, TN, and surrounding states.

Being a young professional in changing field can have its challenges. There will be many sessions and smart stage presentations given over the the 4 day Annual Conference, but I think the biggest take away for YP’s will be the connections. Not just connections with other YP’s but also the HR Pros that have been in the field for a while. The only way we will be able to evolve our industry is to find out where we’ve been before and what needs to be improved.

SHRM17 is one of, if not the, biggest HR conferences we have the ability (i.e. financially able) to attend. It may be overwhelming as a young professional. We are HR Specialist, Managers, Generalist, and Assistants, we are all over the spectrum of HR, but we are also still learning how to advance our systems. We are still learning how to have great documentation, how our employees perceive us, not only as the human resource department, but also because of our age.

HR/SHRM Young Professionals lets unite, lets make sure we meet the people we are aiming to become, have real conversations with them, find out how they’ve lasted in this profession for so long, and takeaway any tips and pieces of advice the HR Pros offer.

Being the millennials we are, we may not apply it to our everyday life, but knowledge is power, and being knowledgeable about your field, is one of the best decisions you can make.

I can’t wait to get the journey of SHRM17 started, YP’s, I hope you’re ready too.

Until Next Time …


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