HR Friends Coming to You!

SHRM17 is almost here! It’s only 3 days away and the buzz on Twitter, Instagram, and the Blogs are getting bigger by the day. Sadly though, we do have those HR Pros who are unable to physically attend SHRM17 this year.

We discuss the ways that we will provide information back to our coworkers after SHRM17, but the truth is, every person in our field is a coworker.

Human Resources works so well because of the HUMAN factor. Without each other, we wouldn’t be able to answer every question that an employee brings our way. So how will we also give those #NotAtSHRM17 the information learned during the Annual Conference?

Image result for cartoon friends meme

#NotAtSHRM17 – all of those at #SHRM17 will have to wear clothes, no one will know if that is you at home on your laptop … just saying, this kinda is a win/win

I found out a few days ago that HR Pro Wendy Dailey (@wyndall93 on Twitter) won’t be attending SHRM17! That’s a real bummer, she was one of the Pros I was looking forward to meeting. Then she posted a great blog post about her previous experiences at SHRM Annual Conferences. Check it out here at https://blog.shrm.org/blog/notatshrm17

If you’re not able to attend SHRM17, reach out to your HR friends and even the HR pros you want to meet. Tell them what you’re excited about learning, even if you’re not able to attend. I didn’t really know about WorkHuman, but when I started following all of the hashtags, I became more interested, looked up the sessions, and followed, even more, individuals that were twitting the sessions I was interested in knowing more about.

HR is about the people and the connections. Even if you’re #NotAtSHRM17, be a part of the Twitter world and join the Facebook groups. If you are able to attend #SHRM17, be sure that you’re updating your accounts so others can learn as you learn.  This doesn’t mean spend the entire session on your phone, but just realize that we’re in this HR world together!


I can’t wait to get to SHRM17, the updates from vendors, volunteers, and SHRM staff is making me even more excited! The Blog Post coming from the SHRM17 Blog Squad allows you to get to know them, and the presenters before attending SHRM17. I hope one day I’m in the position to help with SHRM Annual Conference. Be on the look out, more blog post will be coming every day of SHRM17 and even pictures!

Until Next Time …




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