Young Professionals Job Search – The Basics

It’s the beginning of the week and even though it’s Labor Day, that doesn’t stop the job search! Landing the dream job isn’t always easy, like any profession, you need to be dedicated to the job search and HR has many paths to go through the process. Landing a job in this market is no longer about who has good grades in school, the highest GPA, what number were you in your class. When you want the dream job you need to work hard, interview well, and get as much experience as possible. Here are a few tips to Young Professionals trying to break into the Human Resource Job World, and really any profession.

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  1. Create a professional email address to use in your job search – please, I beg you! We can do without the “Braindeadgirl2017” “JennyLovesRich” “JoHnNyDruNK” and such email types in the job search. You’re entering into the professional world and we can be really cool, but if the email is the first thing a recruiter notices, your resume has been thrown in the trash in 5 seconds.
  2. Treat your job search, like an actual job – honestly, it is your job of the moment, and you should treat it as such. Try to make an excel sheet so you’ll know which positions you have already applied to and which companies you need to follow up with. It can be extremely frustrating after applying over and over again but staying alert is important in finding your role.  Image result for job search memes
  3. Look outside of your Educational Accomplishments – internships, entry jobs, and volunteering are other great ways to get into an organization. You are proving that you have the work ethic and experience, even if it’s not an actual position, yet. Look into certifications you can obtain, building your resume and skills are extremely important.
  4. Interview Tip – I applied for all the HR positions I could find in the areas I was willing to move to. Even if I didn’t meet the requirements, some employers don’t know exactly what they’re looking for or they aren’t receiving the response they thought they’d get, so they interview everyone. I was able to go on a few interviews, this helped me improve my skills and learn the type of questions, postures, those soft skills that we all need.
  5. Don’t Stop – Go after every opportunity, never allow the fact that you’re a young professional or better known as a millennial in these times to stop you from your dream.

Because of technology and young professionals, employers are adapting to trying new methods of hiring. No matter if you’re coming out of college, have an experienced background, or entering as a newbie, being on top of your game is important. The job search can be demanding, but the end result of having your official HR Position will be worth it.

Until Next Time …

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