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On Twitter, I’m always talking about or to my HRTribe, the group of HRPros I find most helpful in my online community. When you’re starting your job search, it’s important to build a dream team of individuals you have in your corner that keeps you motivated and uplifted in difficult times. Your team doesn’t need to be just family, they can also be the pros that you have enlisted to help your job search.

Image result for recruiters memeRecruiters: There are some awesome recruiters in the HR World, they’re dedicated to giving tips on the Twitter and LinkedIn. Although there are different types of recruiters, they can actually be your entire team in one. They are able to help you with your resume, search for the perfect job, help you connect with companies or individuals. Most typically work for employers, unless they’re independent, and are searching out for specific roles. They can help you find the perfect job, but they can’t make the decision to take the job offered.

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Career or Life Coaches: These coaches can help you become confident in your job search. They are available to be the listening ear, a helpful decision maker in the process. From experience, career coaches are extremely honest with you and won’t sugar coat anything. It’s their job to be up front about the decision you’re making. They’re not a therapist and are simply here to help, not solve your problems, they leave that to you.

Image result for resume writer memeResume Writer: Having a great resume makes the world of a difference when you’re trying to land a position, especially an entry level, career position. Having someone on your team that can help you write your resume can put you in the lead for a position. Resume writers can help you graduate your resume for each step of your life. They understand what companies are looking for how to tailor the resume to fit your information with what the company wants. We all had the basics down in high school, but you can’t use a high school resume to land an entry level HR position.

HRTribe: No matter where you are in your career path, you need to build a group of Pros that are willing to help you on the journey. Sometimes it’s as simple as helping you understand a concept or answering a question. Being in school, I can go to my HRTribe for help with a class. They give me information on items I should read, webinars to catch, people I should contact. I gained my group by connecting on social media, it doesn’t need to be an interaction every single day, but it’s more than just a work friendship, I know these people are going to honest with me about the career path.

Building your Dream Team can help you on your search to landing that dream job. Make sure you keep people who are inspirational to you, people who you can go to and talk things over when you’ve had a rough day of job searching. Young professionals and pros both need someone who can help them become better, so who’s in your HR Dream Team?

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