Creating and Posting Your Job Ads

I love creating job ads, I make them colorful, eye-popping, fewer words, and more pictures/shapes if possible. I still give the important information of what my company is looking for, but in the job market today, your company needs to stand out.

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I’m not saying a lot of individuals will, but there are some employees that will choose your company because of the atmosphere you provide, and not the hourly rate that you can afford to pay.

When creating a job ad, I think about the things that have attracted by current team to join our company, as well as things that I want to see when experiencing the big search. I’ve seen a few job ads that are very straight forward and what I like to call, plain boring. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the HR department, maybe the company hire ups don’t want to spend the time or money creating a more eye catching ad. There are also a few people who don’t look for the creativeness of an ad, but just the description and amount of money we will pay. My company has a good balance of both.

Posting in the Newspaper – In our small towns, we normally submit a newspaper ad. This one is normally what I deem as our “boring” ad. We have our company logo, our requirements, pay, and a few of the “what we offer you” pieces of criteria. Our biggest highlight for newspaper ads are definitely our hiring bonuses, normally that extra cash is eye popping enough to bring people into the store for interviews.

Image result for job ad memePosting on College Campus –  Money talks on college campus, when we need a new ad placed, we make sure to offer flexible hours and money. College students are looking for ways to make a quick buck. Some of them attempt to find jobs in their career field, which depending on your organization will really help, but some of them need basic working skills. Be creative when posting to colleges and tell the truth about your requirements. Don’t post that you’re hiring interns, but honestly looking for someone with a few years experience. Be specific, you can’t ask for something and complain when you get what you asked for because you didn’t know who you actually wanted to hire for the position.

Referrals – Believe me, your employees are walking job ads for your company. When your team is excited and happy about their job, they tell their friends. When they’re upset because you didn’t give them that day off or made them work to close, they tell their friends. Referral bonuses are a big plus to your employees to help them make a little extra money. Use them! Get them to post a job ad at their school, find out their favorite hang out spots and see if you can post an ad there. BE CREATIVE.

Posting in Your Store – If you have the ability to do so, positing in your store can be a great way to obtain new employees. They’re already there and looking around, they see how your employees interact with one another, how active the managers are, is it a fun environment. Your store/company should always promote a culture you’re proud to be apart of in and outside of the office. If possible, have managers that can always answer quick questions or do an interview if someone comes in and decides your company is for them.

Image result for now hiring meme (Word of mouth works too lol)

Job ads are just the words, “Now Hiring, Will Pay”. Try to encourage your hire ups to try new ideas when positing. Get creative, find out what people are looking for, figure out the best locations for your ads, and then go to your organization with the ideas. Another major part of positing job ads, is having faith in your managers to follow up with applicants. I’ve been in situations where the managers have been calling, trying to find out what we are doing to get them more people, but then they won’t follow up quickly when they receive an application. Everyone must play their part when recruiting and getting the employees to stay. Make sure your managers understand what this means in their role.

Get out there and create that brand new job ad, I hope you get a new applicant soon!

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