HR Blacklist – Lessons from A Show

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Ok, first question, are HRPros actually willing to throw coffee at someone if there is no possible way to make another cup?

I’ve been binge watching Blacklist lately, great show you should check it out, so of course, I had to write a blog about HR and the show!

I’m sure there are a lot of lessons to be learned, like have a complete background check done on your partner before marrying them. But, I think the biggest lesson Elizabeth Keen learned from her partnership with Red is also a lesson that HRNewbies need to understand … work hard to find your own answer, don’t just settle for the basics.

On every resume or cover letter, there is the “Hard Working” line. What exactly are you hard working at doing? Red refused to give Elizabeth the direct answer and I enjoy this about the show because I can relate to it. Anyone, not just an HRNewbie, can appreciate the effort it takes to figure something out on your own. If it’s not in school, or a life problem, it can be with work.

Image result for laws memeAs a newbie of the company, there is bucket loads of information being given to you, but there are somethings you have to take the initiative on and figure out for yourself. Elizabeth took it upon herself to (finally) accept who her husband really was, in your case, it could be taking the step to figuring out the state laws that impact your company the most. Maybe my school curriculum didn’t focus on that for a reason, but I’ve found it to be much more important and difficult than they led on!

Much like my Workology blog post Starting From the Bottom says, always try to bring a solution to the room, never walk in empty-handed. Elizabeth refused to believe certain facts about her life and the people she was involved with until it hit her in the face. HR can have its’ ups and downs. This is why so many HR Pros encourage you to find at least one other person to connect with, maybe it’s to ask a question, or just to vent. If you let everything pile up on you mentally and emotionally, you’re putting yourself at risk. HR Pros have to pay attention to their needs as well as company needs. Having a situation hit you in the face, is the reason why more HR Pros need to get out of the office. Life isn’t predictable, but being open with your employees and having a trusting relationship with them, can hopefully help you correct situations before they occur.

Do you have an HR Blacklist?

**Spoiler Alert**

If you had any doubt that Red is Elizabeth’s father … I worry about you.

Until Next Time …

Bear with me on this journey of taking 2 graduate classes at once and thank you for your continued support of HRJazzy 🙂


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