Holding Management Accountable … At least for Paperwork

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In HR we talk a lot about getting the “buy in” from leadership, it’s in almost every discussion, just like getting a seat at the table. I’ve been talking to one of my HR friends and he’s been discussing the problem of holding management accountable, more specifically, having leadership hold management accountable. I could understand where he came from a little bit, because while we hold our managers accountable, there are also times where their supervisors protect them from the wrath of paperwork.

We ask for a paper to be signed and faxed over (yes, we still use the fax machine) and it doesn’t come! Even when we give them months to get something done, it never fails that we’re chasing them down at the end of the final month to get it all squared away.

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If you’re an assistant or have someone you report to in the HR world, how can you make sure you’re doing everything possible to hold management accountable:

  1. Documentation – it’s the word everyone knows and loves in HR, but it is critical. When I first started, I did a lot of phone calls to the managers when I needed something, that ended very quickly! I started sending emails and faxing documentation over. This way I had a record of the information being sent out. If a manager tried to say they didn’t get the information in a certain time frame, I was able to show proof that it had been sent on my part.
  2. Communication – another favorite word in HR, communicate to the leadership team the problems you’re having. Explain how it’s not just causing issues in your day, but also how it causes problems with having paperwork turned in and submitted on time. What if you’ve been asking for a termination slip for a week and an unemployment claim comes in needing that documentation? Put the information in front of the leadership team very clearly and break it down. Have proof when you go to the leadership that you’ve sent the emails, you’ve called, you’ve faxed, and still nothing has happened.
  3. Understand that Not All Management Care – this one can be a tad harsh, but true. Managers have a lot of in-house situations to deal with and paperwork isn’t something they focus on (at least for my company type) unless it’s dealing with an order or new hire they’re trying to get started. It is also important as HR that you explain the why. HR isn’t enjoyable for everyone, but if you give more than a “Because I said so” you will receive a better response from them.

Image result for accountable memeIf you’re having problems with management turning in things or not responding in a timely manner, the first step is to always discuss it with them. Maybe they’re not sure of the process, or maybe the store was extremely busy and they couldn’t get it back within the five-minute window you requested. Find out how you can help them and in return you will get a manager who respects the process, even if they’re not fond of it. We aren’t HR just to write-up someone, take the time to go step by step with them. Jumping down their backs does nothing to improve the situation. There times we need to be stern and times where a lesson is to be learned, and sometimes the two will combine.

How have you helped hold your management team accountable?

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