A Year of Work Deserves A Moment of Thanks

The end of the year is near, only 13 days away! You’ve worked hard to land the job, internship, network, reach a goal, gain a certification, & for some, simply make it day by day.

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In your career journey, I’m sure there have been a few people who’ve helped you along the way. A coworker, friend, professor, an awesome recruiter, anyone who made the effort to reach out to someone for you or connect you with a person to help. It’s been a long year and with all of that work, some praise is deserved.

hanny-naibaho-308083 Sending a thank you card is personal, you took the time out of your day to write out a few words with your bare hands, do you realize how rare this is now? Take the time to send someone who helped you on your journey this year a thank you note and it will make their day a little bit brighter. Like networking, you can’t only find what is in it for you, this person might have gone out on a ledge because they believe in your skill and abilities. A note takes only a few minutes and helps you maintain the connections you’ve created.



 Are you both in the same city? Take someone out for coffee or a quick lunch as a thank you.




There is always the old fashion way of simply picking up the phone to say thank you. This does require a little more effort, you can’t say, “This is Jazmine, thanks for the help this year” and hang up. Keeping in contact with your networking buddies is one of the best parts of networking. Normally, you network with people in a field you’re interested in joining or growing in, they have connections, and they already have experience. This means you have someone to go to when you have questions and they might come to you if they are looking to find out what’s a new possibility in the field.


Sending a quick email can also do the trick, once you’ve landed that job, send an email from your new company address. You’re proud of landing the position and the person who helped you land the job will also be excited for you!


Thank You’s are so important, people don’t always help you to be recognized in this way, but you should be happy to do it. This year is the beginning and you never know when you might need each other again. If your networking created a partnership, friendship, helped you find the best recruiter, a new coworker, I believe that people are put in your life for a reason and we need to celebrate them while they’re here.

Until Next Time … Thank You 🙂

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