Following Up with An HR Newbie Officially in Training!! [Internships] Guest Post by Alfred Russell, Jr.

[HRJazzy wrote a blog post a few months ago introducing two great guys who were looking to get into the HR world, read it here > The Break In – Welcoming New HR Young Professionals. Well, I now have an update on one of them and I asked him to write his experience in his own words. Alfred and I have been great friends since working together in our Chuck E Cheese days back in Mobile, seeing him achieve his goals has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s next on his journey. Internships can be rare in HR (at least from my perspective) and landing one is a big deal, especially if it’s one that will actually teach you and allow you to grow in the field. So, here is Alfred speaking on his experience of actually landing his internship and what he had to get through to get it done!]

Internships by Alfred Russell:

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Internships!!! They can be heaven on earth for a college student who needs experience before an employer will even look at their resume. The process can be overwhelming and stressful!

When applying for an internship, you, of course, want to research the company. Yes, internships look great on your resume, but if you don’t know what the company mission statement is, how do you know this is the right internship for you? Apply for as many as possible and then follow up after you apply, the purpose of an internship is to get someone prepared for entering the workforce and giving that person experience. Treat this experience with the highest respect, this company could be your first official employer.

I applied for an internship in August 2017 and I didn’t get a call until October 2017, you know how stressful that was? I was currently working another job soo telling them about me applying and not hearing back was soo nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, I got a call for an interview in October and I went in ready. After leaving the interview, I felt it was the best interview I had ever had, and I KNEW (in my head) that I had got the job and I was going to get a call the next day; well I thought!

I didn’t get the call but my job is preparing for my two-week notice, and it was funny at first until they started asking me every day, “Have you heard anything yet”. It got so bad, that I told them, when I hear something I will let you know first, I promise!! So, by now it’s December and still nothing I have reached out to the company and they kept telling me, they hadn’t finished the interviews yet but should be done by next week and will give you a call then. They told me that story about three times and never called. So at this point, I am kinda discouraged and a little disappointed. But, of course, I had to keep the faith because believe it or not, I was not on my own time but on God’s time.

At this point, the Christmas break is over and school is back in but still no call. I realize that the last day for me to register for the internship class was Tuesday, January 9th at 4:30 pm. So, I email her to let her know that I have to register for this class if I got the internship. And she emails me and calls me that Tuesday to ask me for 3 references and I’m like, really????? So, I tell my current manager that I need to send her these people and call them and let them know.

Well not even 5 minutes after I gave her references, she has already called Jaz-mine or you guys know her as HRJazzy, our conversation was really funny but I was amazed how fast she did that. So, now I wait… I get a call around 3:30 pm, saying she is offering me the job, but all I can think about is; I have to get to the school by 4:30!

Long story short, I made it to the school at 4:22 pm and I got registered THANK GOD!

Now, I am an intern for this bank and I love it thus far. I have been giving so many different opportunities already. Example; I am spearheading two positions currently and I am really doing a lot of the background information like (sending emails back and forth along with sending the proper documents to the candidates) and speaking to different college classes. It has really been a great experience so far.

Never give up on what you are passionate about. Remember, we are not on our time and what God has for you, it is indeed for YOU!!

Alfred Russell

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He’s graduating May 11, 2018!!!

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