The Break In – Welcoming New HR Young Professionals

Hello everyone, thanks for coming back and reading another post from the HRJazzy Blog. Today I have a special post coming to you, I’m introducing two great young #HR Professionals that are close to graduating with their Bachelors Degree.

I decided to make this blog post because I’m speaking from someone who has entered the HR career and is new to it. These two are trying to break into the field and are looking for advice and guidance. If you all have anything to help these two, please reach out to them or comment on the blog below, this is what HR is about.

Alfred Russell Jr. current senior at Troy University, Human Resource Management Major. My expected graduation date May 2018.                             *Pray *Learn *Achieve

Studying to become the best Human Resource Manager. Pushing to achieve every career goal God has created for me. Dedicated to my dream, hardworking student, and reliable employee, looking to enter and dominate the HR field.

My LinkedIn: Alfred Russell Jr.


Nathaniel (Nate) Dennis II Snapseed

Student at Troy University majoring in Global Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management. In December 2017, I will receive my degree and carry an aspiration of working as an HR Generalist or in Labor Relations.  I believe that Troy University has equipped me with the needed skills to have a successful future in the field of HR. “To truly understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to”. – Kahlil Gibran

LinkedIn: Nathaniel Dennis II

I asked them a few questions about how it has been breaking into the HR career while preparing to graduate. Here are some answers we discussed:

  1. Why did they decide to major in HR?

Alfred became inspired by the HR field after recruiting and referring his friends to a position at a previous company. He would help his friend get prepared for their interview by asking questions and researching information. He also saw multiple employee problems going on in the workplace and wanted to find solutions to the problems.

Nate always thought he would become a business operations specialist, however, after speaking with an advisor, he was inspired to start down the path of the HR field to make a difference.

2. What makes them nervous about this field?

Both are nervous for pursuing a career in HR. They are just entering the field and being knowledgeable about the laws, forms, HR guides can make anyone worried that they won’t have it all figured out. To this, I told them that HR is a learning field, in order to really understand how something is done, a textbook won’t work. Start building their HRTribe and don’t worry about being nervous, there are plenty of Pros to turn to when needed.

3. What area of HR would they like to focus on?

From interviewing them both, I noticed that Alfred is more of the recruiter, while Nate focuses on employee relations and training. Both paths will lead them down multiple roads, but this is where they want to start the journey.

4. Have they started on any internships?

This question really made them pay attention, they informed me that their college doesn’t offer internships for HR, but other majors have multiple internships. There aren’t many internships in their area and it’s hard to

Before closing, Nate asked me what advice I would give. Work your hardest and never stop trying to do what you love. HR is demanding but the payoff of helping your employee advance in their career, finally landing that job, creating and keeping a better culture at work.

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