#SHRM18 #SHRM18Steps Team HR High Steppers!

Guess who is one of the #SHRM18Steps Team Captains??? That’s right, ME! I’m super excited for this opportunity to lead Team HR High Steppers into victory for the official #SHRM18 #SHRM18Steps Foundation Steps Challenge!

Check out all of the information how to sign up here on the SHRM18 Foundation Steps Challenge official page.

SHRM Foundation does a great job of helping HR Professionals (newbies or not) make a difference. With great scholarship opportunities available to all! So, if you’re able to, please make a donation when joining the #SHRM18 Foundation Steps Challenge!

You can track your steps via the Fitbit App or an actual Fitbit Device! So no need to worry. I’m not the most athletic person, but between walking around the McCormick Place multiple times and running away into an introvert corner, I’ll have a lot of steps. However, this is a TEAM effort, so I need a great one!

Accept the challenge and join! Fitbit #SHRM18Step Challenge Registration

Joining Team HR High Steppers is easy! When you sign up to participate, it will ask which team you’d like to join, and that’s where you choose Team HR High Steppers!


TEAM HR High Steppers Captain …

I may suck at running, but I’m totally awesome at walking,

Join Team HR High Steppers Today!

Stay Updated: 

@HRJazzy Twitter and Blog


See you High Steppin in CHICAGO …

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