#SHRM18 People to Meet

We are under 25 days away from gathering in Chicago for SHRM18 this year! I’m so excited to be visiting the city and meeting a few of the people I stay connected with throughout the year. While I have a lot of responsibilities this year, besides just having fun, I find it important to make a list of the people I want to meet. For SHRM17, this went over really well and I ended the conference with having met 7 of the 10 HR Pros I set out to meet.

If this is your first SHRM conference, this method might work well for you. There will be plenty of people to meet and vendors to get to know, but making meaningful connections is a priority for me. So, here they are, my list of SHRM18 HR Pros to meet, in no particular order.

  1. Danyette (@foulksd) – Unfortunately, we weren’t able to meet at SHRM17 last year, but I’m not going to let anything get in the way of this year!
  2. Claire Petrie (@_strclaire) – Claire and I have been connected via Twitter and we’ve even had a skyping session. I love the energy she brings to HR and our community.
  3. Cy Wakeman (@CyWakeman) – I mean honestly, if you follow this woman (and you should), you’ll understand why I want to meet her!
  4. Dr. Melanie Peacock (@doublempeacock) – My Canadian Friend that I haven’t met yet, she’s the one person I’m prepared to hug 🙂 plus Dr. Peacock will be speaking on Monday Morning at 7am, I hope you can join us! #SHRM18 Speakers to Meet – Dr. Melanie Peacock
  5. Mofota Sefali (@Mofota) – A great #Nextchat buddy, I’m very excited to meet!!! Plus, she’s coming all the way from South Africa, I hope she’s prepared to go out and have some fun!
  6. John Hudson (@johnphudson) – While I won’t be joining John, or any of you on those morning runs, I can’t wait to meet the man behind the pancakes and great blogs!
  7. Kyra Matkovich (@KyraMatkovichHR) – The official HR Shenanigator is coming to SHRM18 and will make sure the party continues rolling.
  8. Ivette Dupuis (@HRDudette) – A real one! She speaks her mind anytime and provides HR with a great amount of information, especially on the SHRM Connect board.
  9. Keith Enochs (@KeithCEnochs) – Although I’m sad the twins won’t be joining, I’m excited to meet Keith and find out a little more about his work background.
  10. This one is a duo! The #HRSocialHour Twitter Chat and Podcast HR Pros Wendy Dailey (@wyndall93) and Jon Thurmond (@Jon_Thurmond) – Besides being on their podcast, I’ve been waiting for a year to meet them after finding out they weren’t attending SHRM17! Where’s the party, Wendy???

These aren’t all the HR Pros I’m looking forward to meeting at SHRM18, but these are my top 10. No stalking will be involved people, just make a list and try to reach out to them via social media, or if they are a speaker, be ready to stand in a line after their session.

Plus, the vendors will be sending out mailers, I just received my first 2 this week! Are you ready for SHRM18??

What information are you still looking for? While the Annual Conference Community is a great place to find out information, it has a lot of the same questions. The SHRM18Bloggers, including myself, are out here to help you on this SHRM18 Adventure!

If you haven’t heard, I’m a Team Captain for SHRM18 Steps Challenge! Team #HRHighSteppers are in full force, we are gearing up to take the win this year! Check out this link to join my HRHighSteppers Team and sign up by June 1st if you want to order a Fitbit Device and get your discount! Accept The SHRM18 Steps Challenge Today! #HRHighSteppers


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