#SHRM18, While We’re Partying … They’re Working

Attention People … We are officially 9 Days from SHRM18!!!!!!!!! 

Ok, sorry, had to get that out. My excitement is reaching an all-time high. while I did attend SHRM17 last year, this year holds so much more for me because I’m one of the SHRM18 Bloggers, a SHRM18Steps Challenge Team Captain (HR High Steppers, all the way!), and I’m trying to grow the HRJazzy Brand so I can continue creating great relationships with others and help Young Professionals and HR Pros, while gaining knowledge myself! I’m so excited about every part, except getting on that plane, but we will deal with that when it comes.

While I’m so super excited to be heading to Chicago in a few days, I’m also a little nervous about being out of work for an entire week AND having to bring back information to my boss and the leadership team to justify spending the money to attend. I’m sure a few of you are in that same boat, so I want us to be ready before we show up in the conference center.

  1. While I want to learn how to grow my HR Brand, I also realize that I need to focus on ways to help my organization. We have at least 4 sessions to attend every day, not including the short days and not including the Smart Stage or General Sessions, use at least 2 of these sessions to attend presentations that will benefit your organization. These are the sessions that I might not necessarily tweet a lot, but write down notes, I found that it makes it easier for me to give these to my boss or put them in a presentation of my own to present to them when I return. I know you want to have fun, but you must remember that your organization is hoping that you might come back with a fix or a vendor or a new way to recognize the employees. Take extremely good notes, go and talk with the speaker – for me, I think my boss really likes when I can get her the contact information for a direct person, instead of a random email address.
  2. Know Before You Go – Before you leave, sit down with the organization and figure out what they are expecting or if they have two or three vendors they’d like you to connect with while in Chicago. This also gives you a better idea of vendors to connect with when it comes to the Expo Hall. It’s a very huge space with companies and people everywhere, try to have a plan when you enter.
  3. Bring back goodies! – Last year I also brought back some Nola Candy, I’m a millennial – I can’t afford hats/cups/shirts for my entire office, but it was the thought that counted for my coworkers.
  4. Be Prepared – I’ve been writing about how you need to prepare for SHRM18, but it’s also important to prepare your team for you being out of the office. Some HR Pros will still be working while at the conference. They might step out into the hall to take a call or answer an email. Try to avoid these things, unless it’s an emergency, by sitting down a few days before leaving and providing a list of what needs to happen and where they can find things while you’re gone. I was a little taken aback when I found out that everyone doesn’t do these things. Also, if you can’t trust your team to handle at least the simple things while you’re away, you might need to search for a new team at SHRM18.
  5. Communicate – Let your team know you’ll be out next week, that way they have plenty of time to get with you before you head out of town. Communication with everyone will let them know, you’re not just on vacation, you’re out learning to help grow the company. You’re still going to receive an email or a phone call, but if you’re the head person in charge leaving an HR newbie in control, it helps build confidence and gain more knowledge, it’s a win/win!

I’m so excited, we’re almost there! SHRM18 is literally right around the corner, so go ahead and do your part to get your team ready.

Starting Monday I’ll be sharing my schedule for SHRM18 and why I’ve decided to pick that session. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @HRJazzy as a lot of the information will be posted there.

Don’t forget to sign up for Team #HRHighSteppers for the SHRM18 Annual Foundation Steps Challenge Sign Up!

If you’re not able to attend SHRM18, but still read this blog post, 1. THANK YOU 🙂 and 2. Join the Not At SHRM Annual Page on Facebook and follow the #SHRM18 / #NotAtSHRM18 Hashtags to see videos, pictures, tweets, and connect with HR Pros!

I’ll see you in Chicago!

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