Connecting With Companies that Matter – #SHRM18 Microsoft Special


If you attended SHRM18 this past June in Chicago, you know that Microsoft had a major booth with the chance to win a brand new Surface Pro Book! It was a great surprise to many.

My Surface Pro has made creating blog post (like this one!) much easier and has eliminated my use of other electronics I’ve had over the years. The SHRM Annual Microsoft booth is always one to visit, they have demos, specialist who can help you understand the product better, they even schedule mini classes to help HRPros see the benefits of working with the Microsoft Systems.

As an HRPro at a primarily paper based company, Microsoft always has options for me to make something I’m working on better. The #EmpowerPossibility program they have in place allows people to create a change in the world and help the community.

Microsoft is making an impact for HR and business professionals all over the world with the Dynamics365 Business Applications launch in October 2018.  You can check out previous videos on the website now, featuring Dynamics365 for Marketing, Sales, Application Platform, and much more. Dynamics365  for Talent is one of my favorite videos I’ve watched to learn more about helping on engaging with employees and the impact it makes in their lives. Culture has been a hot topic for the last few years, but we’ve recently seen more companies attempting to do something about fixing the company culture and Microsoft is here to help. There is a digital transformation area of culture and the importance of creating the environment that employees don’t have to stay at a desk from 9a-5p to get their work done.

HRPros, we know how important it is to make sure our employees are being engaged and given the tools to learn. This can happen via a webinar, a conference, a team building meeting, or we just need to start thinking outside the box. Part of our jobs, in my opinion, is to help our employees grow. We create a better culture in the workplace by giving employees the opportunities to advance and give ideas instead of putting them in a corner.

Microsoft is one product I can guarantee I will use every single day at work. Some people see Microsoft and immediately think of the Office Product they have in place, but Microsoft provides us with so much more, and I can’t wait to see what they roll out next!

Check out the Microsoft Website to see the deals and products that you should take advantage of in your personal and professional life.

Until Next Time …

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