Why Millennials Hate You

Ok I admit, hate is a very strong word, but gosh how about strongly dislike??

A few days ago I saw a post that asked if college degrees are still relevant, I screamed YES extremely loud at my computer screen. It wasn’t pretty. It feels like every time a generation accomplishes something huge, the older generation has this “that’s what they should have done” attitude. Believe me, we’ve read enough think pieces on the Millennial generation we get what you think.

We also get that the older generation refuses to take responsibility for the parts they played in our growth. It’s like an old record that keeps going around and around with nowhere to stop.

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Millennials even get tired of the word “Millennial” because it has such a bad rep.

What exactly do you’ll believe Millennials want so badly from our employers that you didn’t want as well?

Tuition Reimbursement – every since we could talk our parents have been saying how we have to get the best education, for some races it’s the “best option” thrown our way. Now that we’ve racked up $75,000 in school loans asking our employers to help us pay back one of the job requirements they request, we’re cry babies

Vacation Time – my dad worked in a steel mill for 30+ years before retiring, every summer when I was a kid, we would take road trips across the world to explore. I’m pretty certain that was vacation time from his company and I’m also very sure my dad isn’t a Millennial.  With all of the stress that our jobs can come with, employers should want to make sure their employees get away and have some peace time.

Benefits – let’s just skip this one because apparently, even the United States doesn’t believe people deserve basic health care.

Growth – you wonder why Millennials are “job hoppers” but yet giving us an extra $2 to make up for the 60 work week is a STRETCH. Who wants to be in the exact same position for 40 years without growth? Even people who get married want to upgrade their wedding rings after a few years … I’m just saying.

We think we are entitled to everything just because we showed up — *clears throat* YOU GAVE US TROPHIES JUST BECAUSE WE SHOWED UP AND DIDN’T WANT TO HURT YOUR BABY’S FEELINGS FOR NOT MAKING THE GOAL / TEAM.

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This wasn’t really an “HR” post, although I do believe HR can help with keeping Millennials engaged and at work. It was more of a rant of the articles and conversations that are had every day about Millennials. We are not all the same and it’s more annoying because, by “Millennial” standards, I don’t even act like a millennial but because people give it such a bad rep, I felt this article was important.  We’re entitled little cry babies that Baby Boomers and Gen X created … deal!

Until Next Time …

I promise it will be about HR

One thought on “Why Millennials Hate You

  1. I raised one gen x’er and 2 millennials. All those participation trophies? Taught my kids the importance of being a team player and how other people rely on you and it isn’t all about you. When they wanted to quit a team mid-season we made them stick it out so they’d understand the importance of their commitments. These are great real-life skills that translate to the work place.


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