Company Updates: Introducing #HRTech

Figuring out all of the great HR Technology Systems coming into play can be very difficult, at least for me is. My company doesn’t use outside sources (and please, don’t mysteriously contact me about this, it’s creepy) I have a harder time wrapping my head around all of the HR Technology available. ATS software, different systems they have in place to take an applicant from the application all the way through onboarding program. Payroll systems, allowing you the ability to complete these steps out of house and reduce a certain amount of risk. That is only the beginning, there is so much more these systems are able to provide. Systems can be amazing for your company, but hold on one second. What if you’re hired into a company that does not currently have any of the great systems you’ve heard of in school or through previous experiences and they’re a small company that handles everything in-house? The best advice … get comfortable with paper.

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Your company might not be on the technology bandwagon yet, but once you understand why they haven’t made the change to join the world of HR Technology, you can be the liaison between the two. Just because your company hasn’t made the jump, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up to date with the advances in technology. You can read all of my personal thoughts regarding HR Technology on the SHRM Blog Q & A  written by SHRM Blog managing editor and #Nextchat creator Mary Kaylor @SHRMKaylor.

When you think a change in systems would be beneficial to the entire company, start taking the steps to introduce the idea, here are 2 tips that helped me start the conversation

Image result for options memeGive them options – One thing I’ve learned, at least about my company, is the leadership team loves options when they need to make a decision. They want to see what is out there and if you give them options, you might have a better chance at the answer you’re searching for. This means you will need to know everything about the options you’re presenting because they will have questions. A lot of questions!

Image result for research memeResearch – It’s going to be on you to complete quality research and match the skills your company needs, with those of the different systems in place. It would also be best to ask for a round about number if one is not provided, this way you’re not wasting time going far out of the budget. Look at your current systems, where are you failing, are you missing out on candidates because of the turnaround time? Maybe the online application is too long or the Mobile online application doesn’t generate quickly.  Does payroll take 2 days to complete? You have to know where the current downfalls are and find solutions to all of those problems first in this search. Don’t just Google information, look into reviews, ask colleagues, friends that have ATS or Payroll systems.

Every company doesn’t want an ATS software service, they enjoy doing things in-house, they manage the risk, have top people audit them. HR Technology is here and it’s going to stay, it’s time that HR as a whole accepts those changes. You may not convince your company that right now is the time to join this software program, but you have given them the information they need to start the thought process, and with you, they have someone they trust to guide them through.

What are you doing to keep updated on HR Technology?

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