All Those Questions …

Kids ask a lot of questions, you can’t blame them, they’re trying to get through this thing called life … my sister would be so proud of this Prince reference lol.

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While some find those questions to be annoying or unimportant to the time, questions are how we all learn. Like mistakes, sometimes we don’t listen to the warning signs that could have prevented us from making them in the first place.

When you’re joining a new career or company, every question is valid and should be treated as such. I had no real HR experience when I walked into my interview with my current company. Sure, I had been to school and paid some attention in class, but I have never been put in an HR position and told to make a decision for someone else. I had a lot of questions and still to this day, I still ask questions to seek clarity on situations.Image result for asking questions gif

Asking questions can be hard for some people, asking for help can be an even bigger challenge. Being new to a position, you may feel things should be plain and shouldn’t need an explanation, but that isn’t true. When you’re gaining experience and knowledge there aren’t enough questions in the world you should ask. Don’t be afraid or nervous to get answers that you need to do your job. In the same time, you need to understand what the right questions are in certain situations.

Questions can also get you in a lot of trouble. Companies give their managers policies, manuals, and documentation, they layout exact questions that should be asked when conducting an interview. We tell you, do not break away from these questions, listen more than you speak when in this situation. There are reasons for these policies, even after training, it never fails that a manager wants to know why they can’t ask someone if they have kids that would take away from them being called in or how old they are. They listen and hear that the person had a previous alcohol problem and want to know if they can ask if them if they still drink. Word of advice, just please, don’t!

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There are times I’ll walk into my bosses office and turn around to walk right back out. I didn’t take the time to ask myself the question before I approached her with it. If I’m telling her she should trust my decision-making skills, I believe I should at least walk into her office with one solution. My boss also likes to answer my question with a question to get me thinking. She’s allowing me the chance to answer the question without her … I talk to myself more often in my office now because of this technique, but I appreciate it. Now, before I walk into her office with a background report, I have all of the questions answered that she will ask, I just need her final approval or denial.

Image result for asking questions gifSo ask all of the questions you need, the right question just might save one of your employees in a difficult situation. Asking that one question you’re holding back on might give you better clarity on something. Those questions will help you learn how to become better at your job. Ask all of the questions and then apply the answers to your work and become better.

Until Next Time …

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